Wuyuan, jiangxi province

Wuyuan is truly the most beautiful village in China.

Wuyuan best choose to travel on foot, in the green mountains and rivers, inadvertently passing by an ancient tree, an old vine, a section of the wall, a deep well may contain a beautiful legend.

Groups of xiaozi carry bags in the most beautiful places to enjoy the most special quiet.

The four seasons have different scenery here.

Spring view rape flower sea, autumn view red leaves, shooting morning fog.

In the off-season when there are few people, you can stay for a few days, visit the ancient village and appreciate the hui-style residential buildings.

Golden rape flower sea, black and white hui-style residences are the best background to highlight your emotional appeal.

Anhui, wooden pear Hong

The vast sea of clouds spread in the green mountains and water, stretching to the distance, floating around the white walls and black tiles of the village, like a dream like fantasy, just like the fairyland.

In addition to a known XiDi, hong cun, huizhou has a little-known mountain pear Hong – wood, ancient village is located in the mountain, it is the highest elevation of huizhou ancient villages.

“All one’s life, no dream huizhou”, huizhou this place, no lijiang literature and art, no xiamen small fresh, not so soft suzhou and hangzhou, but it is a suitable place for daze.

Xiamen, gulangyu island

Here the sea, flowers, sunshine, clean quiet, comfortable.

There are also numerous coffee shops, which are not luxurious but romantic enough.

The sunshine with lazy languid, gentle sea breeze, narrow and delicate street, everywhere is permeated with emotional appeal.

There is no place like gulangyu island, filled with xiaozi emotional appeal to the bone.

Set foot on this side of the land, the road sprinkled with people’s laughter.

Wuzhen, zhejiang province

Wuzhen is one of the four famous towns in the south of the Yangtze river. It is an ancient town with a history of 6,000 years. Now commercial, but still feel its gentle.

Walking in wuzhen, white wall, daiwa, small bridge, flowing water, carrying the flavor of Chinese ink painting, carved beams, painted buildings, stone alleys, old houses, the amorous feelings of the vicissitudes of history come into your eyes.

Wuzhen is a sacred land easily accessible to the mind. It is very close and accessible to the beauty. The weather is not good every day there.

Cloudy days, wuzhen will become very quiet, the quiet is very infectious, can make people calm down, the quiet, let the heart become pure;

In the misty rain, light steps on the stone bridge, quiet, simple, comfortable quietly into the heart. Ps: do come in the off-season.

Wuzhen in the night has a kind of romantic feelings, misty rain hazy, parked boat toward the evening, oar sound light shadow, like a gentle but lovely woman from the south of the Yangtze river, from the history of the wind and smoke hummed a gentle lullaby song shanshan.

Dali, yunnan

“Xiaguan wind, shangguan flower, cangshan snow and erhai moon” are the four famous scenes of erhai moon in Dali.

At its northernmost end, xiaguan is the main wind source between cangerhai and is now the center of Dali city. Located in the middle of erhai lake, the ancient city of Dali was once the capital of the ancient state of nanzhao and the birthplace of bai culture.

Fresh air, bright sunshine, time flowing slowly, quietly enjoy the time.

Boating on erhai lake, you can experience the life fun of the bai people in the water village. There is a strong bai people’s style here. In the whole tour of yunnan, there is probably no other place like Dali where you can feel such a unique bai people’s style.

Go to weishan some primitive small village, find a moment quiet, peck wood lang is very good.

The mountains are green and the trees are green. Even the girls’ clothes cannot do without the bright green color.

Qingdao, shandong

In memory, Qingdao is the most pleasant scenery, is far from the land of the sea, standing in front of the yacht string, sitting in the wooden sampan prow;

Through the porthole of a sightseeing helicopter, fly straight along the coast. It was a pass at the summit of Lao Lao, across the clear air, looking at it from a distance. The buildings, like bonsai, were lying between the mountains and the sea.

The characteristics of Qingdao are presented in the old city and street in the setting sun, between the mountains and the sea in the sea fog, and the coastline before the coming of wind and rain;

The fresh green wisteria in baihua garden in early spring, the falling cherry in zhongshan park in late spring, the yellow ginkgo leaves in zhongshan park in autumn, and the peak of laoshan mountain in winter.

If you come here, you will surely fall in love with the relaxed and pleasant pace of life here. After dinner, you will go for a walk on the wooden boardwalk and have a chat. Life is so pleasant.

Daocheng yading, sichuan

Daocheng county is located in the southeast of the qinghai-tibet plateau, which belongs to the ganzi Tibetan autonomous prefecture of kangba Tibetan area. Daocheng has a breathtaking view, with 1,145 alpine lakes scattered among jagged rocks, blue as jade, and a spectacular view that has earned it the title of “shambhala”.

Here, there are fairy-tale dreamlike beauty and strong Tibetan customs, holy snow mountains, wonderful glaciers, vast grasslands, hengancient temples, lakes surrounded by wild flowers, mountain pastures surrounded by streams.

Here, there are golden cypress and continuous mountains, as well as Tibetan villages and cattle and sheep composed of a beautiful dream picture, really can not be described in words and words…

Aden’s spring and summer interweave, June is a verdant, from June to September there are constantly wildflowers bloom on the meadow.

In autumn, the forests beneath the snow-capped mountains change from a single green to deep green and gold. In winter, the scenic area of Aden is closed. White snow spreads from gongga risong gongbu snow mountain to every corner of Aden.

Clear water, white trees and distant mountains, gentle beauty in the atmosphere. Daocheng is a sacred place to visit at least once in your life.

When you walk on the road, tough experience will gradually precipitate your temperament, open your eyes will expand your heart. Put down the burden, go for a walk, to want to go far.