Traveling is another kind of practice.

When we walk through mountains and rivers, through wine and wine, taste no taste, try to sleep at night, finally, we return to the original starting point, began to carefully life, we will know better than before the beauty of life.

To travel, you don’t need any reason, and you don’t have to wait until you have time and money to start. I want to visit these places.

Phoenix, hunan

Located in the southern tujia autonomous prefecture of xiangxi, hunan province, fenghuang enjoys the reputation of “the most beautiful town in China” and “painting town”.

Small bridge, flowing water and other people constitute the most beautiful amorous feelings of phoenix ancient city, the stilted building on the side of tuojiang river, as well as the unique charm of local customs and customs in xiaoxiang misty rain, making it a dream in many people’s hearts.

Simply walking around the ancient city can get you where you want to go.

Wait until the misty rain hazy, holding an oil-paper umbrella, walking in the green SLATE street, looking for your own memories.

Take a boat cruise to tuojiang river to appreciate the century-old architectural stilted building, climb the old city tower to take all the vicissitudes of the ancient city.

See the old woman in the river chuiyi indifferent aitang, or a person to sit at the coffee bar or bar by the window position, quietly in a daze, any thoughts fluttering……

Phoenix night on the sunset blurred up, colorful neon lights illuminate the whole ancient city, immersed in the ancient city in the wind and moon, always let people have a feeling away from the hustle and bustle.

Kanas, xinjiang

Kanas, located in altay region in northern xinjiang, is a comprehensive scenic spot integrating glaciers, lakes, forests, grasslands, pastures, rivers, ethnic customs, rare animals and plants, known as “Oriental Switzerland and photographer’s paradise”.

Here spectacular glaciers set off tranquil lakes and vast grasslands embrace deep primeval forests. The mysterious lake monster, the primitive tuva people, the changing lake water and the dazzling scenery all make people obsessed.

In kanas, kanas lake is a must, there are mysterious kanas lake monster and shenxian bay, wolong bay, moon bay. In addition, is he mu village, white haba village.

At ordinary times, the lake is like a pool of jade, with the change of the weather and change different colors, from the morning to also change style. When the clouds around, xuefeng, chunshan looming, huanruoshi.

Both hemu and bahaba are local villages with the charm of a Swiss town and a fairyland on earth. Many people think these two villages are the essence of kanas.

Libo, guizhou

Every spring, libo is full of green, the air in the valley is very fresh, thick shrubs and trees form a natural emerald barrier, the green is so intoxicating, it is simply “water drips on the stone, trees grow in the water”.

Every year from may to August, the sea of purple lavender flowers will bloom here to the top of one’s heart. Place oneself in this lavender flower sea, the purple sea billowing, the aroma attacks the person, makes a person infatuated!

Libo is like a love letter to the world, gentle and gentle, like a girl hidden in a boudoir waiting for you! If you have not set out, she is here waiting for you! After a thousand years…

Look at the mountains and the water to see the strong ethnic customs, walk into the miao village, listen to the various stories and legends of the yao family, watch the folk songs and dances performed by the villagers of the yao village, which are authentic, honest and natural.

Yangshuo, guangxi

Known as the “heaven and earth tourism hometown”, yangshuo is located in the southeast of guilin, guangxi zhuang autonomous region, subordinate to guilin city, on the west bank of lijiang river.

Guilin landscape is the best in the world, yangshuo landscape is the best in guilin, the water as clear as a mirror reflects the mountains and white clouds, the river flows quietly, fish shallow, landscape set against each other, fresh and refined, how to see not tired.

In yangshuo, no matter what you do, ride, walk, float by the water… Can let you find the release point of the match. In this place where the green water overflows the bank, the most important thing is to throw off the shackles and indulge yourself.

Yangshuo’s fresh and bright countryside, strewn with fields, looks like tao yuanming’s idyllic land, where the poetic paddy fields and fresh air always make people relaxed and happy.

The setting sun dyed the landscape of yangshuo into another color, more poetic and picturesque, as if it were a wonderland, haunting people, looking at the calm water of yangshuo, seems to have forgotten all the troubles in the heart.

Follow liu sanjie’s singing, or stop in yangshuo ancient town, smell three flowers, taste osmanthus fragrance, or do nothing, quietly place oneself in the landscape picture scroll of the world.

Standing on the river, anyone’s thoughts are blurred, just like taking a leaf boat, float into an ancient scroll, with water and flow, light smoke ethereal, fresh water microwave. Willing to do only a spectator, but would like to become a painting.

Sichuan, chengdu

Chengdu, a city that never wants to leave.

Everyone has their own memory of each city, and leisure is the culture of chengdu.

Now the development of society does not seem to change the old life of chengdu people, tea house, mahjong, snacks seem to constitute the appearance of chengdu, let you temporarily forget all the troubles.

Chengdu is full of authentic taste of life, it grounding gas, simple, true, beautiful. On the other hand, it is bustling, lively and full of new blood. It is the paradise of enjoyment, the cradle of beauty and the hometown of fine food.

You see the streets of the tea shop sitting tea playing mahjong people, face filled with happiness and complacency. You can resemble chengdu person same, get up in the morning roadside stand eats a soya-bean milk churro, read a book to pass a morning.

Go to a fly restaurant and order a few dishes at noon. Then spend the afternoon in the street garden. Those who know how to play CARDS can experience a few rounds.