Someone said, “in this lifetime, if you don’t travel the sichuan-tibet line once, what difference does it make to live and salted fish?”

Tibet is a snow-covered plateau that makes people yearn for every moment. Thousands of people are longing to set foot on this pure holy land. Let’s go and witness the most beautiful Tibet!


Whatever for local people, the thick exotic will hit you right away, let you over a period of time looked trance, in the dream, and brought together around the world tourist hotel, and often let you forget where – for this piece of plateau, pure, and there have been a long time can’t forget blue sky, who may have no way to refuse.

The potala palace

The potala palace is not so much a holy place in The hearts of tibetans as it is a holy place in The minds of The public in China and even The world. Many people pack their bags and go to Tibet after reading The potala palace or The potala palace.

The beautiful colors and strange shapes blend together to make this ancient palace forever charming.

Barkhor Street

The streets are always full of Tibetan worshippers and Tibetan shops. The houses facing the street are almost all shops, selling all kinds of Tibetan clothes, handicrafts, and goods from India, Nepal and other places.

Food nature is not without, many Lhasa restaurants are located here, such as maggie amie, linxia flavor wang zhongwang, guangming port qiong sweet tea house, let you taste all kinds of Tibetan food.

You can buy a set of Tibetan clothes, and then ask the shop-owner to tie you in a pigtail to feel the Tibetan style.


Nearby is the meadow of green grass, lush highland barley and oilseed rape, lakeside hillside is the forest, and then up is the azaleas and bush jungle, blue lake, forest reflection, crystal clear, lake water birds flock, a school of fairyland scenery.

Come here the heart that can let a person move restlessly is quiet come down, lake water is like a mirror calm without billows, the glacier with glittering and translucent lake set off, white snow mountain, be like the charming woman that waits for marriage, moving soul.

The nu river turns 72

The nu river turns 72 isn’t exactly a scenic spot, but almost everyone who walks through it for The first time stops at The top of The road.

Boundless peak cong, thousand turn 100 highway, let a person can not help losing language, immersed in the mystery of nature set.

As the only route on the south sichuan-tibet road, it is the risk that makes it more challenging for many riders and riders. Every year, passers-by are full of admiration for this road.


Since ancient times, all beautiful things are not so easy to get, Motuo is the same, the fairyland of the original beauty, created a bumpy road.

She is surrounded by a towering snow-capped mountain, which is like a huge screen blocking all resources outside the mountain, and a border that cuts off her view. Fortunately, the road has entered Motuo, which is much easier for hikers.


Nangabawa has been named the “most beautiful snow mountain in China” by China national geographic, with its towering glaciers, beautiful shapes and often mist-shrouded mountains.

The best time to enjoy nangabawa is from April to October every year, when the weather is right and the scenery is most beautiful with trees under the mountains and clouds floating in the mountains.

The best time to visit the nyingchi area is march-may and september-october each year


This is an impeccable, almost dust-free empty clear world! She is in Tibetan heart is “the turquoise eardrop that the goddess scatters the world”!

Blue sky, xiushui, white clouds, snow mountains, let a person as in wonderland!

Each vision, will let a person linger, a long time unforgettable!

Lake is like jasper, the real scene will only heaven!


The lake of Namtso is as vast as the sea. With the tracks of mani piles and the colorful prayer flags swaying, the beauty of her holiness is irresistible.

In Namtso, the incomparably real clouds spread over the turquoise waters of the lake. Prayer flags symbolize the devotion of tibetans to the god of heaven.

Clouds of red light and mirrored lakes reflect the beauty. Boulders stand, like a thousand years of immovable gods overlooking the earth.

When you are tired of the hardships and pain of the journey, you will feel how the sacred mountain and lake is a kind of broad and silent tolerance.

When you feel down and break down, you will be able to pray and sing to the gods and buddhas with golden smiles.

When you strive for fame and wealth, the heart of the sky, but also should go into nature, and to the simple and pure people learn to simple life.

Tibet is a disease that cannot be cured