Even if I am old, I have to go to Lhasa. I still choose the place in that dream.
It’s not that I want to be there, I just want to make a place where I am.

I chose Lhasa, I thought it was a kind of faith.
I want to be free from reality and glitz, tolerate myself, tolerate others, and tolerate the world;
Choosing Lhasa, I don’t want to fight for things that are not brought to life by death.
I just want to squint and basking in the hottest sun;
Choosing Lhasa, I want to go along the turn of the meridian,
Although I did not come from a long distance, I still have piety.

I am going to Lhasa, even if I can’t jump in front of the Potala Palace,
When suffering, when aging, when you are sick, when you are alone, when you are lonely;
I always think of this, I have been here in the most beautiful palace on the top of the world.
Only when you are young, will you be passionate when you are old.

I am going to Lhasa, even if I have the strength to chanting in front of the Jokhang Temple.
The hair is white, the eyes are spent, and I can’t walk;

I also want to make a long head on the smooth bluestone plate that the believers are licking.
Only God can have such a broad mind and be tolerant of all believers.

I am going to Lhasa. Even at the Sera Monastery, I can’t hear the debate.
For decades, my face is no longer young;

The vicissitudes of the millennium have changed to the truth, but they are only pointing at each other.
All of this, only the best Buddhist monks can explain their true meaning.

I am going to Lhasa, even though I can’t stand the raging crowd at the Snowdon Festival.
The Buddha statue is displayed little by little in front of people, and the scene is boiling up;

There are pains, sorrows, failures, joys, joys, and successes in life.
All passed, and fortunately, I still maintain a pure heart.

I am going to Lhasa, even if I am doing a Gesang flower there,
The flowers above the plateau are the most beautiful, but they are also the most determined;

Growing up in the fields, growing in the mountains of the deep valley, keeping a straight,
Blowing away with the wind, not stunning time, but with the four seasons of reincarnation color is more vivid.

I am going to Lhasa, even if I make a tree on the banks of the Lhasa River.
Keep this holy city and thank every sunshine above the plateau;
Look at the clouds and clouds, the flowers are blooming, and the water flowing through the river valley is slow and urgent.
Silently, even if there is no incense, it is not holy.

I am going to Lhasa, even if I am doing a prayer wheel on the streets of Lhasa.
How many people are craving each day between shaking;

Oh, what about it, the six-character mantra cares about me and mourns.
Someone looked, some people bothered and looked at everything around with a smile.

I am going to Lhasa, even if I can only make a butter flower in the festival,
Characters, landscapes, pavilions, birds and beasts, flowers and trees have life;

The fire beats, making a quiet spectator, leaving time for people to think alone,
Just watching the familiar things around, silently leaving.

I am going to Lhasa, even though my life is so ordinary, not vigorous, no earth-shattering,
But I have come true, just as I want to be there.
We have been watching for the rest of our lives, and some things may not be realized for a lifetime.

Once, how many people wrote it under the wish card,
Once, how many people depicted it on paper,
Once, how many people thought about it when they were pure?
However, it has not arrived until now, and even if it is old, it cannot be reached.

We have to feel the sweetness and hardship of life in the chase.
Slowly, we dare not think, don’t dare to think, don’t dare to think again,
The beautiful dreams of tireless weaving can’t be realized, and we don’t try to achieve it.
If there is only one reincarnation of life, don’t let regrets be lost for life.