Gorgeous season, red leaves and autumn best match

As soon as I meet the red leaves floating on the hills

People seem to get poetic


There is no spring in autumn, no summer in summer, and no winter in winter

But autumn used its elegance

Leng qing captured a batch of people who love autumn

One of the most beautiful of the red leaves is Conch Gully

Into the Conch Gully autumn, the feeling is the fairy tale world, quiet in the depths of the holy. Walking through the Conch Gully, not only for the purity of the fall here by heart, but also here the color of the warm atmosphere and shock.

Autumn’s hai luogou is the most colorful season, colorful woods, green canyon, everywhere glacier snow mountain dotted with a fantasy fairy tale world, like the color stone falling in the earth when nu wa patched the sky.

Every withered leaf is the end and rebirth. The colorful world of multicolored laminated forests, snow mountains, glaciers, forests, hot springs, red rocks, clouds and maple leaves intoxicates all the people who pass by and pursue Conch Gully.

You may have heard to see flowers in fog, to Conch Gully, you will see leaves in fog. The cloud is a unique Conch Gully. Poetic autumn, when clouds and red leaves meet, into a hazy picture.

Come to Conch Gully how to see the red leaves?

Route: Conch Gully cailin tour

1. a one-day trip to Conch Gully

Enter the scenic area from moxi ancient town, watch the red leaves, visit the original forest, watch the glacier for ten thousand years, play ice stones for ten thousand years, return to moxi and taste the flavor of kangba.

2. two day tour of Conch Gully

Day 1: enjoy the scenery of moxi: visit the address of MAO zedong’s former site (Catholic church), the memorial hall of the long march of the red army, watch the scenery of moxi old street, and taste the customs of kangba.

Day 2: visit glacier forest park: visit jinshan mountain in rizhao, visit primitive forest, appreciate red leaves in high mountains, observe 10,000 year glacier, return to moxi ancient town, take China red stone landscape avenue, pass yajiaqinghai and yajiaridge to kangding.

Tree autumn sound, mountain mountain cold color

The sound of the color

Are buried buried a little desolate

A little sadness, a little peace, a little fantasy

And that’s all I want to share with you

Bring your friends

Let’s savor the beauty of Conch Gully together!

Tips for Conch Gully

1.Before entering the Conch Gully scenic spot, do not drink alcohol. Eat more vegetables and fruits to prevent mountain sickness. After entering the Conch Gully scenic spot, it is not suitable for strenuous exercise, but suitable for deep breathing with oxygen.

2.Smoking and fireworks are strictly prohibited in the scenic area.

3.In sunny days, please wear sunglasses for outdoor activities in the scenic spot for a long time. Apply sunscreen to protect your skin.

4.The weather in the scenic spot is cool, please prepare clothes in advance according to the weather condition.

Travel route recommendation

1.road trip:

The first yaokang expressway: chengdu departs — yaokang expressway (luding exit) — luding tourism fast channel — Conch Gully (about 3 hours);

Route 2: chengdu departs — yaxi highway (asbestos exit) — provincial highway 211 — Conch Gully (about 4 hours);

2. Public transport

The first bus: chengdu new south gate station has a direct tourist bus scenic area (chengdu departure – yacang highway – luding exit – provincial road 211 – Conch Gully), every morning 9:00 departure (about four and a half hours), new south gate bus station telephone: 028-85433609.

Bus: chengdu passenger transport central station departs — yacang expressway departs — luding exit, luding passenger transport central station departs — provincial highway 211 — Conch Gully (about 4 1/2 hours).

Aircraft: chengdu shuangliu airport by plane to kangding (about 40 minutes), transfer to the airport bus to Conch Gully (about 3.5 hours).