The idea of ​​going to Tibet has been around for a long time, and I havetily finalized the itinerary. I took up my luggage and started a trip to Tibet. Walking, only to meet the encounter, just to know the unknown. Some people say that when they come to Tibet, they will feel that their own smallness will make themselves expand and become a worthless. Perhaps this is a bit exaggerated, but Tibet is like a mirror, showing the true self against the backdrop of the blue sky and white clouds and snow-capped mountains, so that the souls contaminated by the world will return to purity and simplicity.

Tibet is the roof of the world and is the closest place to the sky. Because of the sparse population, modern civilization has less damage to nature, and the original landscape and culture have been preserved. It is therefore called the last piece of pure land in the world. The road to Tibet is known as Tianlu. The Sichuan-Tibet Highway is known as the Chinese landscape avenue because of its beautiful scenery. However, the Sichuan-Tibet Highway is rugged, and the slipping and landslides occur at any time, so the car is very difficult and dangerous. Some people like this. Describe the Sichuan-Tibet line: “Don’t be afraid of the body going to hell, because the eyes are going to heaven.”

The greatest significance of Tibet travel is not to see how many people, to see the beautiful scenery, but to walk, in a certain encounter, suddenly re-acquainted with themselves. Tibet gave me such an encounter and surprise.

From Lhasa to Shigatse, there are groups of cattle and sheep, fertile pastures, splendid rapeseeds, and full-bodied greens. The rich resources make the name of “Tibet Granary” truly worthy of its name. Although the Tibetan language of Shigatse means “land of fertile soil and water”, in fact, in addition to its beautiful land, it also has a rich cultural heritage. It also maintains the purest beauty that nature has given. Here, you can enjoy the city. A natural landscape that cannot be seen. Blue sky, white clouds, starry sky, rainbows, glaciers, and rivers are all beautiful. The most amazing thing is that at the Mila Pass, the rainbow has changed from a single to a double, and the neon and the rainbow complement each other, which is amazing for nature.

The blue sky and the clear sky, the green grass and the sky, the cattle and sheep in groups, the blooming wildflowers are colorful, and the Bangda grassland in the deep valley of the Sanjiang River valley in the Qamdo area of ​​Tibet is a gentle and lush grassland with beautiful land and water. Because of its location in eastern Tibet, precipitation is relatively high, pasture growth is better, and animal husbandry is more developed. There are patches of forests and grasslands, and there are innocent pastures and farmlands.

Because of the high terrain and the snowy mountains in Tibet, Tibetans worship nature and regard snow mountains as mountains. There is a snowy mountain sleeping in the glaciers of the years, forgotten by time, for thousands of years, sunrise and sunset, but it has solidified the scenery in the most beautiful moment, this is the Gongga Snow Mountain. The three snow-capped peaks of Gongga Snow Mountain stand tall, unspoiled, handsome and handsome. Yes, in the vast natural world, in the vast human history, a person is so small. The Nanga Bawa Peak in Medog is said to be the most beautiful of all the snow peaks. Unfortunately, the heavens are not beautiful. The thicker clouds on the day cannot see the sacred Nanga Bawa, leaving some regrets and leaving expectations. .

Some people say that the higher the altitude is, the closer it is to the sky. When the starry sky is close to the sky, I can’t help but extend my arms to embrace the night sky and touch the blooming light. On every sunny night, when the night falls, the stars of the sky shine with the light of the flickering, like the diamonds in the dark blue sky, embellished with glamorous light, I really want to So drunk in this starry sky…

Whether it is the driver who receives my driver or the police who helped me, and the Tibetan compatriots who have encountered in the field and who are working in the field, although they may not speak the language, they are sincere and friendly in their eyes. Indeed, in this piece of land full of faith, simplicity and kindness are as unchanging qualities as mountains and rivers.

In Tibet, there are many people walking on the road every day. There are backpackers who walk into Tibet, bicycles who ride alone on the Sichuan-Tibet line, and more self-driving people from all over the country. Among them are the fans who want to go to Tibet to resign, the frequent visitors who come to Tibet every year, and the more people who want to challenge themselves. I like to observe everyone who has passed me by, to see the truth and ease they have shown here, to see their pure smile. But the one who impressed me the most and touched my soul was the long head of the Tibetans.

The long head is the most pious way of prayer for Tibetan Buddhist believers to realize their faith, pray for blessings and avoid disasters. When the pilgrimage of Shantou is in the body of the five bodies, it is to respect the body. At the same time, the mantra is constantly chanting in the mouth, which is to respect the “language”; the mind constantly remembers the Buddha, and is respectful of “meaning”. Every time the long-headed person squats, he uses his hand to draw the ground. After he gets up, he goes to the mark and then squats again. When encountering a river, it is necessary to wading or ferry, and then crossing the river before the shore, then crossing the river. After the evening break, you must start from yesterday. Sincerely, it’s not far away, and the stone is worn, it’s amazing.

In ten days, I bumped between the alpine valleys and galloped on the grasslands. I wandered around the lake and breathed in the forest. I met the slippery waves and encountered the landslide. Although I had stood the test of the body, I got the Spiritual pleasure. Blue sky, white clouds, mountains, canyons, grasslands, forests, snow mountains, lakes, cattle and sheep, wild animals, string dances, long heads, all of which are so perfectly unified in Tibet, I feel that there is such a world in the world, The pure land of man and nature. Maybe I don’t have to change too much in the accident world. I don’t have to care too much about what I have. I don’t have to complain too much about life. Only the peace of mind and the call of the heart are the life I really want.