Nature has endowed life with many inherent excellent qualities, while human beings are gradually spoiled and lost in the materialized world. While learning to enjoy, we can no longer find the most primitive happiness in life. Is the material? Is the spirit? Is the utility? Or my own feelings?

Before going to Tibet, I have heard from my friends that the biggest wish of tibetans is to go to Lhasa to worship. They will send their life savings to the monastery, while they live a simple and ordinary life. Their behavior confuses many mainlanders, but they are happy and content inside. In this materialistic world, the possession and payment of wealth make many people suffer and worry, and also make many people tangled and sad. Profit, money, vanity, greed, like a companion to the hurricane, devouring the bottom line of people’s kindness.

We keep taking things from the world, but we never ask ourselves what we have to be happy. Before arriving in Tibet, I did not really think about these issues seriously, and I did not really experience the ease and happiness of soul and body merging into one. Some people say that dignity is achieved by money, wealth and status. However, in Tibet, on the snowy plateau, we cannot tell who has more wealth and more money and status. I see those people who turn the mountain, they are every month every day every year to worship, they want to have more wealth?

No, no matter how much they have, they will give to the temple. So what are they praying for?

I’m not Tibetan. Of course I don’t understand them. But I see a spirit, a faith, a piety, and a confident to pay the joy.

I imagined myself grovelling on the ground like a Tibetan, but I found my empty soul had no faith, no purpose, no future and no direction. Reality is like a knife, constantly weakening our inner belief, we are poor only left with money.

Money may enrich our lives, but it cannot nourish them. If we lose our spirit, what will we use to support our future?

Standing on the land of Tibet, I asked the sky to ask myself, our home, I originally lush, flowery homes, why a barren piece, is what makes the heart of the grassland into a desert day by day? What gives our souls nothing? Ask about heartache, just know, my roof ridge has already been stolen for the beam.

My pursuit, my freedom, my soul seems to be constantly calling, when weighed down by heavy interests can not hold up his head.

Standing on the plateau, stepping on the thick earth, smelling the thin air, I sometimes sober, sometimes confused. I quietly let myself into the Lhasa mountains turn the crowd, I continue to walk, constantly thinking, I want to repair a faith, I want to walk to tell myself, my heart and dream, and the distance……

I’m not sure if I’m behaving in a weird way. I just want to get away from distorted ideas and reality.

If life needs nourishment, I think what can be used to nourish life is not money and wealth, but a stronger spirit and strength. Some mediocrity comes at the price of having a noble soul, while some brilliance comes at the price of capturing the light of a brief life.

You see the towering Himalayas, she never declared to the world her holiness and greatness, and worship her soul, for thousands of years, never cut off.

Always thought, my heart has long lost the dream, but when I face the vast snow mountain, I suddenly found that my heart dream has not lost luster. It keeps reminding me that there is a land full of flowers far away and a heaven as pure as snow far away. I think, if the heart can be quiet, then, no matter where I am, the heart will be in the distance.

Fell in love with Tibet, because she opened my mind, she led me to the heart of the distance. Although I know, I love her heart has nothing, but I found me in her land, the wandering heart for many years……

I dare not say that all the walking is to seek a kind of liberation beyond time and space, nor can I assert that every walker walking on the road is carrying the same faith and firm faith in his heart…

Some people are soulless, so they don’t need faith, faith and unremitting search process, their life has no deep conscience pain confession, no love and hate entanglements of hard choices, they are like the wind running in the dark, no light, no color, no meaning…

Buddha, looking down on the people, he has no choice to care for every weak life in the world, in the eyes of the Buddha, life is not noble and cheap, only eternal.

Through many places, always want to find a soul can reach the paradise, in Tibet, only in Tibet, in the gaisang flower blooming plateau, I found, my past life this life.

The prosperous city, let people’s heart, simply learn to do benefit and material choice, but abandoned conscience and ego. Only when we stand on this land can we reflect and understand that, in addition to interests, there is kindness, love, giving and spiritual altitude that needs to nourish life.

An awakened soul, no longer drifting.

The heart that has nothing, had the hall of pilgrimage from now on.

Distant mountains dream, all the way west…