Why do people shout “go to yunnan! Such calls, see our previous article you will understand: because yunnan is too beautiful!

Yunnan’s beautiful scenery can make people who often work overtime get a very obvious improvement in both psychological and physical aspects, so that they can regain their full vitality and fill their hollowed bodies.

Yunnan has a beautiful sea of flowers, sacred snow mountains, magnificent natural scenery, these beauty is shocking, can definitely save your aesthetic fatigue caused by long-term overtime.

When you see Hilton’s eyes of shambhala, beautiful temples, beautiful mountains and lakes, you will be moved by the beauty in those eyes.

When you see the majestic meili snow mountain, you will be shocked by the solemn and sacred gesture in an instant.

These landscapes in yunnan can brighten up your tired eyes, which have been tormented by documents and data. You are lucky to meet them.

For working overtime dogs, every day’s life is facing zhaoxia work, work off, in addition to a few helpless painful overtime colleagues, and others rarely have communication, loneliness is always such as shadow entourage.

Yunnan is the province with the largest number of ethnic minorities in our country. On this magical land, there are 52 ethnic minorities living in compact communities. They are all very hospitable.

Colorful ethnic customs, beautiful primeval forest landscape and mysterious ancient religious culture all add infinite charm to the place, making people fascinated.

Save a person’s loneliness, need a group of people’s carnival, here is suitable for you.

Everyone will have that moment, by some things shock the soul, here you will believe in a thing again, it is called a dream!

When you get to meili, see the sacred mountain in the mind of the Tibetan people, the kind of overflows with emotion may make you tears in your eyes, can not help but worship reverently to the snow mountain.

Songzanlin temple, known as “little potala palace”, is built along the mountain and lives on the lake. It is magnificent, solemn and mysterious. It is the primary temple of Tibetan Buddhism in yunnan.

Every day, people come here to worship in an endless stream, without hesitation, just for the faith in the heart. Will this make you feel how strong the power of faith or ideal is, and then give yourself a reason to stick to your dream.

Those who worship on their knees, some because of faith, some may just sigh that people are small as a drop in the ocean, some may just because of its majestic momentum.

Pilgrimage is not only a ritual, but also a sublimation of self-consciousness.

Working overtime is hard to enjoy a hearty meal, and most of the time is also a lack of appetite, to yunnan to save your appetite.

Yunnan cuisine has a very unique regional characteristics, because there are many ethnic minorities, each ethnic cuisine has its own unique characteristics.

Bais block, naxi barbecue are a major feature here, “cloud cuisine” is not only fresh, but also unique taste, even if only for food here, will let you eat your belly out.

All kinds of special food can fill your stomach and warm your heart, let you come out of the overwork in the past, realize the warm taste of fireworks, and save your taste buds.

When a person has too much pressure, they will release it in inappropriate ways, such as anger or depression. At this time, they need to find a good way to release the pressure. Undoubtedly, coming to yunnan is a good choice.

The old town of lijiang is like a multi-faceted beauty, showing different charm at different times. Sometimes it is quiet and graceful, sometimes it is passionate and passionate, and sometimes it is charming and passionate. What you have to do is to experience different lijiang and let your mood relax here.

Dali city is very beautiful at night, walking in the small street can make you happily hum a small song, perhaps you will not consciously into a small bar, and invite a singer to sing two songs.

Dali’s twin corridors are a distillation of beauty, a place where you can feel the romance of the ocean or the beauty of time.

Here, no pressure. Overtime dogs are just crying: don’t work overtime to yunnan, this is the strongest voice of The Times!