There is a kind of travel, called summer to hulun buir prairie

Because it has some of the best grasslands in the world

Green grass, the overwhelming is fresh green

Get on the horse with the wind

Whip the horse after the shadow of the cloud

The vastness here allows time to flow quietly

It is simply the most beautiful paradise of freedom in the hearts of millions of people

There is a kind of travel, called summer to hulun buir prairie

Because here the sky is high and the white clouds are leisurely

It was as if you could reach for the clouds

There is a kind of travel, called summer to hulun buir prairie

Because the water here is clear

Like the purest mirror on the vast earth

Reflecting the universe

It also washes people’s hearts

There is a kind of travel, called summer to hulun buir prairie

For the grass is low and the land is full of cattle and sheep

Mount a strong horse

Galloping horse, xiao xiao sasa

There is a kind of travel, called summer to hulun buir prairie

Because there are no tickets for horror

No touchy guides, no bustling hawkers

Only the hospitable Mongolian people and the sweetest horse milk wine

Take a small train, through the forest of the xing ‘an mountains

The Russian uncle was playing the accordion in front of the wooden house

Melodious morin khuur, profound humai

Picturesque, like the most beautiful heaven

This is hulun buir!

Move a scene, step a heaven!

To hulun buir just know, heaven is green!

Fly freely in the most beautiful grassland — hulun buir prairie

A melodious “swan goose” will let people see such a beautiful scene: the vast expanse of grassland inlaid with criss-crossing rivers, groups of horses in the river bow to grass, yurts in front of the horse herder pulling the old matou qin, looking at the end of the grassland in the wild pine sea… …

In reality, this describes the earth’s paradise in northeast Inner Mongolia — hulunbeier prairie!

Blue sky, white clouds, grasslands, lakes, forests, towns, villages… Everything is so vast, standing on this piece of land, you will naturally hope to become a real herdsman, in the horse’s lofty sentiments to sing aloud, or become a sky eagle, wanton soaring in the pure air of god’s gift…

Close your eyes and take a deep breath. This is the most beautiful summer in China. The beauty makes you forget your worries.

Hell is dark, heaven is colorful, to Inner Mongolia hulunbeier, just know, heaven is green!

In this vast area with beautiful scenery, you will be completely and completely away from the noisy city and the life and work of worry, instantly melted by the vast prairie mind. Into such a gorgeous picture, you are only willing to be a happy lamb on the grassland.

You can also ride on a horse, gallop on the grassland, xiaoxiao sasa enjoy a real freedom! Or do a man with a horse, majestic!

Erguna wetland, the first wetland scenic spot in Asia

Here is Asia’s first wetland, here is the home of genghis khan, Mongolia, here is the origin of thoroughbred horses!

Here is a beautiful birch forest, here is a vast prairie! Big beautiful poem painting erguna!

Asia’s first wetland, also known as the gen river wetland, is a tributary of erguna river. In the middle of the wetland, it flows freely, zigzag and gracefully.

Root river, like a silver jade belt, winding on the grassland, flat against the wet soil, green grass, more show its quiet, peaceful, leisurely.

Root river wetland, is a remote, into the nature of the pure land. It’s a holy place that comes back to silence after a big bang.

Into the majestic greater hinggan mountains – moldouga national forest park

“Xishuangbanna in the south, modaoga in the north”, located in the hinterland of the greater hinggan mountains in Inner Mongolia, modaoga has long been famous for its beautiful scenery and unique scenery.

The annual average temperature here is minus 5.5℃, but in summer, the high temperature above 30℃ is almost no, is a good place to escape from the heat.

Moldouga national forest park covers an area of 578,000 hectares, which is one of the largest forest parks in China. The park preserves the last original forest in the cold temperate zone of China.

The person that has bai birch forest complex may love here more, full forest bai birch, a bit Russian amorous feelings ~ to the friend that likes photography, early may and mid September are the best season that comes to take a picture.

Into ewenki hunting people, and close contact with reindeer

Reindeer are not the specialty of Santa Claus’s hometown. In the original forest hinterland of the great khingan mountains, there is such a nation. Most of them live a semi-settled and semi-safari life in the mountains.

They are the ewenki, the “last hunting tribe in China”.

In hulun buir this primeval forest, you also become an ewenki, with the villagers feel hunting life; You can get close to the reindeer, these lovely little creatures will bring you infinite surprise!

Experience the exotic scenery of the window of east Asia — manchuria

Manzhouli is a very clean and beautiful small city on the border between China and Russia. Architectural style is very distinctive, but also a large land port city in China, the city of China and Russia trade zone is a must-visit.

As a border city between China and Russia, it is naturally influenced by Russian culture a lot. Under the night, I feel like I have come to a Russian city.

At night, manzhouli is simply fascinating. Walking on the street, you can see buildings with different styles and unique styles, brightly colored wooden houses, sherafim church, and manzhouli museum with typical gothic architecture.

There are also modern buildings rising from the ground on the street, all of which incorporate quite a lot of Russian cultural elements. No matter what color and shape they are, they are full of strong Russian style, making people not only feel the romance of western architecture, but also appreciate the elegance of eastern architecture.

Nesting doll square, a fairy-tale world where the customs of China, Russia and Mongolia blend

As a landmark tourist attraction of manzhouli, tunka square embodies manzhouli’s regional features at the border of China, Russia and Mongolia as well as the integration of three countries’ customs.

The main building of the square is a 30 meter high nesting doll with a construction area of 3200 square meters, which is the largest nesting doll in the world. Inside the main doll is a Russian restaurant and performance hall.

The exterior painting of the doll consists of beautiful girls representing the three countries of China, Russia and Mongolia. Around the main doll, there are 8 functional dolls, 200 small dolls representing different countries and regions in the world and 30 colorful Russian Easter eggs.

Around the music fountain, there are also 12 zodiac signs representing traditional Chinese culture and 12 horoscopes representing western astrology culture. In the night, under the map of nearly a thousand colored lights, the time on the square overflow color, as if is a colorful fairy tale world.

The blue diamond of the prairie — hulun lake

Hulun buir got its name from hulun lake and Belfast lake. Water and sky meet here, it is not clear where is the blue sky, where is the lake. On the vast grassland, there appeared a lake of 800 li, just like a bright pearl inlaid in the grassland.

What is more interesting is that I met a lot of flying sand gulls. The repeated calls and the sound of water waves beating on the lake make people feel that the lake becomes alive. If the body doesn’t follow the senses, the lovely birds may not be captured

Three or four o ‘clock in the afternoon, hulun lake, the surface of the water was shimmering in the sun, as far as the eye could see. You can take a walk around the lake and talk to anyone you meet on your trip… Although the lake, but let a person have an illusion of the sea, the same vast, the same deep.

In hulun lake, nothing to think about, just sit there quietly, the top of the head has the sun, the ear side has the breeze, the eyes have the simple bright flowers, just sit like that, everything is very beautiful.