The sichuan-tibet route is different from other self-driving routes in that it has great uniqueness: the distance is long, the road condition is complicated, the altitude is high from time to time, and many places build roads. So, drive here we have a principle is, do not walk at night, would rather stay early, not risk to drive.

Before the departure, many friends are quite confused about the planning of the trip, exactly where to stay and repair every day, and how many miles to walk every day, at the same time. Despite all the online strategies, there is no use. Next small make up according to the latest road information and next year up to the line maintenance time to compile a feeling of the most reasonable itinerary accommodation.

Day 1: kangding, 2400 meters above sea level, 300 kilometers away, took 7 hours. Plus there is traffic jam in Erlang mountain, so kangding is the best.

Day 2: batang, with an altitude of 2700 meters and a journey distance of about 400, took 8 hours. Easy for visitors to adjust to altitude.

Day 3: zuo gong, 3500 meters above sea level, 300 kilometers away. It takes 6 hours. The elevation will not rise much.

Day 4: baju, with an altitude of 3,300 meters and a distance of 290 kilometers, took 7 hours. Good condition, high safety

Day 5: bomi, 2700 meters above sea level, 270 kilometers away, took 8 hours. Reason: the distance section, does not mean easy to walk, pine brown town began to repair the road upside down you want to vomit, and on the way there are two bright spots at the same time.

Day 6: nyingchi, 2900 meters above sea level, 260 kilometers away, it takes 7 hours. Vehicles must be careful to slow down to prevent shelving.

Day 7: Lhasa, 3600 meters above sea level, 400 kilometers away, it takes 9 hours. One hour’s drive from Lhasa is not reasonable. Other town sanitation condition, safety is uncertain. Gongbu river to the mozhu work card all the road, road conditions compared to bomi its more complex.

It is not hard to find that the recommended accommodation places for your trip take into account the road conditions, driving time, safety and the overall environment of your accommodation. Of course, this is just for reference, if you have a special trip halfway please consider.