There is more to life than meets the eye

And the far-off fields

I am overwhelmed by mountains of work every day

The two-point, one-line life is boring

At this point, I think you should ask your best friend to take a trip with you

Travel has nothing to do with age, nothing to do with age.

It is a yearning for something beautiful in the distance, an exploration of the unknown

There are mountains, lakes, sun and moon

It is an experience of the unknown, of romance or of sleeping rough

It is the transcendence of the self

Meet the unknown self

Some people want to see the world, while others want to explore another life

People love to travel, not to arrive at the destination, but to enjoy the various pleasures of the journey.

To the place closer to the sky — Tibet

The sky was deep and high and vast, and every cloud was independent, and the edges were clear and unambiguous, and the sunlight was so strong that everything under the sky shone in strange colors, and everything was covered with a layer of light. Even the shadow has become very textured, contrast strong, distinct, as if a step into the fairy tale world.

Across the vast plateau lakes, lake blue thoroughly, the lake is the gems of heaven and earth, the existence of the beautiful, the setting sun under the lake must be also different colors, even the snow-capped mountains was dyed the color of the sunset yellow, but anyway, lakes in Tibet is witnesses changing quietly.

Go to xinjiang, a faraway place full of poems, paintings, dreams and horses

There is a long history and culture, majestic tianshan mountains, vast grasslands, dense forests, deep valleys, blue lakes, attracting tens of thousands of Chinese and foreign guests every year, Chen yun and poem praise, “the ‘sunset over the bridge of Iraq’ is beautiful, ‘jiangnan beyond the Great Wall’ fresh fruit sweet.”

There are lavender flowers to represent true love; There are noble, elegant, lively tulips; Like a western beauty, beautiful, passionate, unrestrained tianshan red flowers; And roses burning with passion. Let you place yourself in the sea of flowers, forget all the troubles.

There are also clear and deep, with seasons, weather and changes in the color of the lake kanas; There is not stained with the spirit of the habitat of the sand lake; There is a clear sky pool, surrounded by mountains and the color of the sea.

Go somewhere different

See different scenery

Listen to different stories

Feel different life

The body did not move

Heart has been far

Don’t delay

Take the first step

There’s a whole new world waiting for you