Once did you think you would be together for a long time.

You also hope that you can live the life you want, live a solid, happy and healthy life.

This thought to stay in the spring to travel together, to Kyoto to see cherry blossom, sunset to smell the sea; Summer lived in the ancient town inn, early in the morning to buy a cup of soy milk, leaning on the corridor next to the water side of the sunrise; In autumn, I will visit my old friends in my favorite city, see the colorful streamers and the lights of thousands of homes, see the snow in the far north in winter, and feed the seagulls in kunming where the seasons are like spring.

You thought you’d be together for a long time.

Later found that there are a lot of people walking on the disappeared.

He was your confidant, but not your story. Happiness is not a story, but misfortune is

I still remember that douyin did not make chongqing angry at that time. At the junction of jialing river and Yangtze river, I grabbed the microphone of my little brother who was a singer and sang a song “just once” to you.

Remember that time because zhao lei, chengdu fire, you want to go to chengdu, we will come. Can not and you in the streets of chengdu we walked into a stranger.

Why there is never a story, from the beginning to the end is happy.

In this lifetime, it’s easier to meet someone who is nice to you

It’s hard to meet someone who always treats you the same

Nine years ago, we went to Tibet together and hitched a ride on foot. He had a high fever and passed out. At that moment, he was still worried about me and joked with me. Later he woke up to embrace me and said, must wake up, no one for him to take care of me this silly girl, he worried.

Four years ago today, we got married, had a baby, and the trip became three of us.

If you like this kind of thing, you can cover your mouth and run out of your eyes.

That summer, we graduated and went to Dali.

Sat cable car together, take a boat together, see beautiful scenery together.

The last person I saw before I went to bed was him, and the first person I saw when I opened my eyes was him. The world seems to be pink, this life with you.

I just miss the world, I missed a person who can walk and talk.

I met a boy in May last year, who was good-looking and wanted to flirt with him.

His mother didn’t approve of us being together, and we went on the planned “crazy” ride.

Our first trip, the first stop xining, chaka salt lake, the second stop gansu, xinjiang altay, the third stop back to urumqi. On the day of Mid-Autumn festival, he went home to visit his mother. I took him to the subway station, and he never came back.

Like to say it out loud, life has been so difficult.

Met in the school community, meet drive Tibet.

Tipsy we sat on the roof to see the night scene of Lhasa, maybe the night is too beautiful, we took you to walk the barkor street late at night, walked to yaowang mountain to see the sunrise, the moment of sunrise with you or waiting for your confession, finally, did not say.

The reasons why I like you are all after I like you.

Zeng and male bestie, together to Harbin, qiqihar, ulanhot, the last night, he sent me back to school, he said he liked me.

I asked him what percentage I could have in his mind, and he said it was only fifty percent.

In the end, we were not together, so why did he have to tell the truth?

I mean, I missed you.

Later I realized that the people I missed were in fact making room for others.

If you don’t find that person again.

Sea is sea, snow is snow, no other meaning.

There will be no more color in this world.

So later, I hope we have love and travel.

I hope there’s no end to our story.