Sichuan has no sea

But in the vast and beautiful garze

But there are countless beauty to unspeakable haizi

Pick eight of the most mysterious today

Give us a strong amway wave

Seven color sea

A symbiotic lake of cold springs and hot springs

The crescent-shaped Seven color sea is like a colorful lens, embedded in the forest and lawn, looking down on the view is more shocking.

Around the lake, you can get a glimpse of the beautiful scenery of pure snow mountains, and also see the wonders of red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue and purple colors from different angles.

This is a rare combination of cold spring and hot spring of the symbiotic haizi, on the right side, the bottom of the spring spit beads spray jade, hot fog curl, the water temperature up to 67℃, is a good place to wash bath and cure diseases.

Yilhun Lhatso

The largest glacier end moraine barrier lake in China

Yilhun Lhatso’s water is clear like a mirror of beauty. Here is also a pure xanadu, the hustle and bustle of the world seems to be separated by invisible barriers.

This piece of haizi is a famous glacial erosion lake in ganzi prefecture. The water is supplied by the glacier and snow melt of queershan mountain. It is the largest glacier end moraine barrier lake in China.

Surrounded by high mountains, lake and snow-capped mountains reflect each other, not only is it a fairyland. Not far up the manigge, suddenly out of the high gorge pinghu, yao chi beautiful panoramic view.

The Lotus flower sea

Natural lakes with high ornamental value in the province

Lotus flower sea is located between gongga mountain and wuxu sea breeze scenic area. It is also known as hehe haizi because there are lotus flowers growing in the “sea”, but lotus flowers are rarely seen, and other scenery is quite abundant.

The landscape types of haizi, including primeval forests and wildlife, hot springs, alpine lakes, modern glaciers and so on, are among the best in the province.

Although the scenery is beautiful, but here has not been known by the public, the flow of visitors is also very few, so it is well protected by nature, become a big secret.

Savage seas

Tashi and zhuoma to protect the fantasy wonderland

Savage seas is located deep in the gongga mountains and close to the kangding district. The cultural heritage of the site is shaped by a love song from mouth to mouth.

On the grassland man tashi and girl zhuoma, sweet love, in order to escape from the tribal head of the horizontal inserted a knife, has been running, also do not know how many days to escape.

One day, they crossed a mountain again. It was as if they had fallen into a dream. They saw the vast sea, the towering old trees, the endless birds, the strings of fish.

So they settled down in the Savage seas. They were accidentally spotted by hunters on the mountain and mistaken for wild seas.

The pure gathering place of the world

The picturesque scenery was discovered by the American explorer and photographer Joseph rock in 1929 and published in national geographic magazine in February 1930.

It was this time that hu did not need to give westerners their first taste of the unique landscape customs of China’s western sichuan plateau, which aroused their endless yearning.

Here is a collection of peaks, canyons, stone forests, forests, grasslands, meadows, wildlife, monuments, beautiful legends, and pure air.


Ethereal and distant world outside dreamland

Bawanghai, an ethereal sea, a dreamlike sea. Qunfeng embrace, glacier erosion, located in western sichuan kangding and shimian county mountains combined in the plateau valley.

Here all the year round cloud cover fog, light smoke curl. Xuefeng zhi around, grass moist, almost no human habitation.

The tianwan river, which originates from the south deer of gongga, melts the plateau snow water from the main peak of gongga, all the way back to the peak, the waves reverse, continuously converges and accumulates into this plateau haizi like the fairyland of yao pool.

Red haizi

The most difficult to find deep sea

After kangding airport in the mountains of kangding, on the tourist ring line from mugcuo to tagong, lies a beautiful haizi, known locally as Red haizi.

She faces the snowy peak of bijia mountain. When the weather is fine in the afternoon, the water is clear and the sky is blue.

As the sun sets, the snowy peaks are gilded and spectacular, making it an ideal place to photograph alpine lakes. But old drivers are not necessarily able to find here!


Daocheng holy lake with the sky

Xingyicuo means “offering lake”, a sacred lake dedicated to gods. It is the largest natural fresh water lake on haizi mountain in the north of daocheng.

A photo of Xingyicuo, a crystal clear lake beating on a golden beach, makes you feel out of the sea.

When clouds overhang, Xingyicuo becomes miyazaki hayao’s “city in the sky”. The sky and clouds reflect on the beach, and the water and the sky become the same color.