Tibet is rich in tourism resources. The world’s brightest sunshine and cleanest water are in Tibet. The crystal clear glaciers, mysterious underground caves and magnificent lakes are also in Tibet.

The jogonian glacier

The jogonian glacier is located in The northeast 90 kilometers of Co Nyi special area in The northwest of qiangtang. It is The core area of The national qiangtang reserve. Some scientists praise it as the most beautiful glacier in the last pure land on earth. The jogonian glacier is The third largest glacier in The world besides The north and south poles. It is reputed as The third pole of The world and The largest glacier in latitude.

40 glacier

40 glacier, also known as cuojia glacier, with an altitude of 5300 meters, is located near the border with Bhutan in luoza county, shannan city, Tibet. The name comes from border pillar 40, which borders China and Bhutan. It is the most accessible land mountain glacier ever found. It can be contacted at zero distance without special equipment…

Co  Nyi

Co Nyi is the free translation of “two lakes” in Tibetan. It is located in the northwest of the northern Tibetan plateau, bordering bango county in the east, wenbu county and shenza county in the south, and gaerze county in ali district in the west. The name “Co Nyi” comes from the fact that kanglinru lake is 5 kilometers east and kangmu lake is 10 kilometers north.

Tangra Yumco

Tangra Yumco is located at 4,530 meters above sea level beside the ruins of xiangxiong kingdom and wenbu second village in north Tibet. It is one of the most famous sacred lakes in Tibet and the most important sacred lake for bon religion. Here few people, the lake is clear and clear, beautiful.

Zhari ditch

There is another area called Zhari ditch in the shannan border area of Tibet, which is very beautiful and looks like a wonderland. To get from Lhasa to Zhari ditch has to go south of the mountains and into the snowy mountains. Zhari ditch has four distinct seasons. Azaleas bloom all over the mountains in spring, which are red, purple, yellow and pink. There is also a hot spring below the mountain.

Loeb ditch

Loeb ditch is located on the south side of the congerdo mountains in mistaken county. To get to Loeb ditch, one must cross the boundless snow-capped mountains and walk the narrow and dangerous winding mountain road. Enter Loeb ditch, as far as the eye can see, the sky clouds curl around, ping qian dance, the top of the mountain white snow, silver flashing, the mountainside charming green to drop, smoke curl, the stream below winding, babbling spring, million flowers competition, a thousand different shapes. Rich and colorful layers of beauty are naked in front of people’s eyes.

Kuala ditch

Kuala Lumpur is located in kirong county in the xigaze region of the Tibet autonomous region. It is 70 kilometers away from jilong county, which is the largest and most beautiful forest scenic area in qomolangma natural protection area. From the county seat with an altitude of more than 4,300 meters to Kuala Lumpur ditch with an altitude of more than 2,000 meters, it passes through the moss and lichen tundra and thickets, and finally finds itself in the vast green forest.

Pangong lake

Pangong lake is an international lake, two-thirds of the eastern part of which is Chinese territory. The surrounding landscape of Pangong lake is very beautiful, surrounded by mountains and dotted with snow mountains in the distance. Pangong lake is very clear, and the visibility is usually 3 to 5 meters. Due to lighting, depth, brightness and other factors, the lake presents dark green, light green, deep blue and other colors. The strangest thing about it is that it is an east-west salt lake, with fresh water in the east, brackish water in the middle and salt water in the west. There are also more than ten islands of different sizes in the lake. Bird island is named because there are waterbirds living on the islands. In Pangong lake blue sky green water and lakes and mountains, and watch the birds spread your wings and fly, and a low retention plate grace posture of the spectacular scenes, especially listening to the birds wonderful songs, for people living in the noisy city, is a kind of unique visual impact and auditory enjoyment, where people will feel natural and animal harmony of human greatness.


Pumuyongco is located at the junction of luoza county and langkazi county in shannan, Tibet, with an elevation of about 5,000 meters. It is located at the southern part of yamzhuo yoncog and in the piedmont basin at the northern foot of the Himalayas. It is the highest lake in shannan area. Here the land sparsely populated, rich in water and grass, the huge lake is surrounded by mountains more than six kilometers above sea level, magnificent, beautiful scenery. In the arms of the white himalaya mountains, the sun shines through the clouds on the pumuyongco lake, sparkling blue. The pumuyongco has been coming to light since the asphalt was paved a few years ago, when Tibetan drifters began driving there and Posting a series of photos that would have knocked out a friend’s circle. There is a Tibetan village on the pumuyongco lake called push village. Push village, the highest village in the world, is mainly a herding village. In winter, sheep are driven to an island in the lake and then returned before the Tibetan New Year. The village also has a temple on a cliff beside the lake. The temple is in the best position to photograph pumuyongco.