There are two places in the world that you must go to, one is Tibet, the other is xinjiang!

Not to xinjiang, I do not know the size of China, I do not know the beauty of heaven, I do not know what is a beautiful step!

Glacier snow ridge and gobi desert, desert and oasis adjacent, fire island and iceberg, snow mountain and lake.

Xinjiang, this magical land, it can satisfy all your fantasy of beautiful scenery.


Pure tianshan tianchi, bright and smiling uygur girls, urumqi opens the door to the western region.

Unlike Tibet, most people suffer from altitude sickness. Xinjiang is much easier to go to, except the plateau area, other areas will not feel physically uncomfortable.

Cattle and sheep gallop near, snow-capped mountains in the distance, and no skilled painter can paint the most primitive and clean beauty.

Sayram lake

Selimu lake is the highest mountain lake with the largest area and beautiful scenery in xinjiang province. It is also the place where the warm and wet Atlantic air flows last.

Turpan grape valley

Climbing the top of the flaming mountain, looking far ahead, the grape valley is like a green ribbon, tightly encircling the red foothills of the flaming mountain, on one side is fire, on the other side is water, nature makes water and fire harmoniously compatible in turpan in the way of “grape valley”.

In the grape ditch, not only can feel the nature of the magical landscape, taste the world’s most sweet grapes, but also can appreciate the uygur young people in the grape ditch enthusiastic dance, thrilling and exciting dawazi performance, lively and festive girls to pick grapes, it is dizzying.


The beautiful kanas lake is as charming as the scenery. Mid-late September is the best season.

Kanas lake moon bay winding between the river valley, the river in the two footprints like careful beach is very strange, known as the “fairy footprints.”

The peaks, pavilions and your figure, set off by the colorful halo, make you feel like a god or Buddha floating in front of you.

Tianshan lakeĀ  tianchi

The white snow peaks and the green spruce reflected in the lake make a beautiful picture.

Most people know xinjiang, all because of the tianshan mountains, the magical side of icebergs snow ridge, a grassland galloping horse strange place.

Go to tianshan mountain to experience the coexistence of winter and summer, exquisite and beautiful bar.

Tianshan tianchi ancient known as “yao chi”, is a world natural heritage. Lakeside spruce surround, snowy peak glow, very spectacular, spruce surrounded, the water like mirror, picturesque scenery.

The lake is crystal clear as jade. Surrounded by mountains, green grass, wild flowers like brocade, “tianshan pearl” reputation.


Her “green”, in the boundless desert more and more dazzling, god relax.

Yili huocheng is the hometown of lavender in China. August is the season when lavender blooms in xinjiang.

Five thousand acres of purple lavender stretched across the sky, forming a sea of purple. Smell the smell of lavender every day to sleep, feel the dream is purple.

If you have a vacation before September, go for it! There are no hordes of tourists, just a dizzying beauty.

The last tears of the Atlantic.

River bank is grassland, flowers, white clouds curl up in the air, not on a few days, must regret!

The narathi steppe is a wonderland of melting glaciers and windward rain surrounded by the mountains of the tianshan mountains.

As far as the eye can see, the grassland is covered with springs and the water gurgles like entering another world.

From ili to selimu lake, fruit gully is the only way.

A little alpine taste, there are large snow ridge spruce pure forest on the mountain, and large meadow, sheep eating quietly on the mountain, feel very peaceful.

Guozigou bridge is mysterious and magnificent, but also has a little Swiss feel.


There are various forms of wind erosion rock groups, such as the shape of the temple, Taiwan, pavilion, castle, or such as people, birds, animals, livestock. As the location for the oscar-winning film crouching tiger, hidden dragon.

From a distance, you will admire its spectacular, majestic, marvel at the magic of nature, deep into the windy city, you will feel its extraordinary terror.

Tianshan grand canyon

At the southern end of the highway, visitors will be amazed by the spectacular tianshan mysterious grand canyon, with its deep winding paths.

As the light changes, the colors on the rocks are sometimes purple, sometimes gold, and sometimes red. They are so complicated and changeable that they reveal the magic of nature.

Kumtag desert

The closest desert in the world to a city.

The golden desert is magnificent and unbounded.