Some people ask what the sichuan-tibet railway line looks like in summer

How is the view? I heard it rains a lot

Is the road in bad condition

Nagy wanted to ask

There are so many roads into Tibet

Why did you choose the sichuan-tibet highway

Sichuan-tibet highway

The journey is about 2200 kilometers

The distance from chengdu to Lhasa

Every day someone else’s story plays out

Since the heart has no dream

That why the distance

Driving on the yakon highway

You as the national economic development sigh

Great changes have taken place in Tibet

It made the han and Tibet more closely connected

The sichuan-tibet line is like a huge scroll

The beautiful scenery on the way

Slowly unfold before your eyes

A love song of kangding

Let countless people see

Kangba man’s power and grandeur

And kangba beauty gentle but person

On the lush grasslands

Horses gallop, cattle and sheep flock together

Singing and dancing tibetans

With a loud, clear voice

Accompany you into the heart of Tibet

The car rolled along the winding road

As you go through the big u-turns

Cannot send out praise admiringly: “curved really many ah”

Clean asphalt

Is countless passers-by with blood and tears to pour the soul

This is the 18th bend of tianlu

Clamp and

Under the blue sky

It’s rolling mountains

Alpine meadows, wildflowers are the main characters here

Colorful prayer flags fluttered in the wind on the meadow

Bring back the hometown that the wanderer misses

Throw ronda in your hands

I want to do it in this special way

Carry your wishes far away

On the endless meadow

Yellow wildflowers are blooming everywhere

Among the flowers

Marvel at nature’s definition of beauty

Is to do interpretation with countless bright flowers

“The last shambhala” daocheng yading

Does not deserve to let the innumerable people seek to trace in this

I tried my best to see her

The climb up the mountain was difficult

Not to please others, only to save themselves

At an altitude of more than 4,600 meters, the sea of milk

She left blue tears

A crystal blue sea

This is the secret of Aden’s summer

The vast maoya steppe

Highway 318 cuts across

Turn off the roaring car engine

Mount a steed

Free to roam the world

Driving is another joy

The wild flowers on the grassland are just right

Yellow, white, and purple

Only willing to show you this season

The most beautiful side of maoya grassland

Sister lakes are also called eye lakes

They’re more like

Two shy Tibetan girls waiting for marriage

Nestled in his mother’s snow-white shoulders

Waiting for a lover to return

Summer on the plateau

The valley was paved with golden rape flowers

Dotted throughout the Tibetan village

In the distance came several Tibetan amas

Even though they don’t speak the language

They use a simple smile

Be friendly to you

Way to mount andurra

Passing a wide marsh

Water collected here from the snowy mountains

Form a special wetland landscape

This web celebrity wading section

Affectionately known as “car wash on the sichuan-tibet line”

Naturally formed wading pavement

Bring a cool touch to the hot summer days

Long road, add a lot of fun

Lake ranwu in summer

Because of the rain

The lake elevation rises, the water source gradually abundant

But also let sapphire calm lake

There’s some stale breath

But it does not affect the beauty

Once famous on the wheat

It spans three Bridges spanning different periods of time

Two are out of service

But also can see once this dangerous

In the dense primeval forest

Quietly flowing lake yigong

The air is clear and surrounded by clouds all year round

The highest tea plantation in the world

Yigong tea farm is located here

On a summer’s journey

Taste a cup of fresh highland green tea

Relieve the feeling of fatigue and fatigue

Overlooking known as “natural oxygen bar,” said the lu lang linhai

Bursts of green, full of life

Next to the meadow among the thick forests

The stream meandered and the spring babbled

Quincy flower, asters flower, quincy flower, quincy flower, quincy flower

Various wild flowers are in full bloom

After a fine rain, the sky cleared up gradually

A rainbow of seven colors stretched across the forest

Rainbows for this summer

It’s an Easter egg you come across on your trip

Not special enough

But it also stirs up screams of excitement from inside the car

If there’s a double rainbow

May be the lucky goddess of your care

Such is the case with the sichuan-tibet line in summer

It is the beauty presented to you after the rainy season

Although the rainy season road conditions are muddy, but aike sichuan hide for your escort

We’ll tell you about the road conditions along the way in real time

Professional self-drive group leader to guide you

I wish you a safe journey in sichuan

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