Known as Xiao Jiangnan in Aba Prefecture, Sichuan Province

Although she is located in the plateau, she is rich in products.

“Stop the Jiangnan” and “Jia Rong’s homeland”,

“China’s Sydney Hometown” and “East Women’s Country”

Are used to describe the reputation of Jinchuan

Here is the world of pear blossoms. The pears are full of life, like pear blossoms, they are easily moved by pear blossoms, and they are moved by the dignity and shortness of the blossoming branches. Looking at the dozens of miles of pear blossoms full of hillsides, all were white as snow, and the wind and dance of the white was touched.

The Shaer Township of Jinchuan can be seen everywhere on the road. The Jiarong man with a strong aroma of alcoholism wears the costumes of the festival, wears the most luxurious ornaments, and joins the beautiful Tibetan girl to express his emotions with the voice of the heavenly voice.

There are pears everywhere, and I praise Jinchuan. The same pear flower, Jinchuan’s pear flower is different from other pear flowers, Jinchuan’s pear tree, tall tree, the oldest pear tree has been growing for more than 100 years, the tree is tall, has grown well, a cluster of flowers are very open Lush, the petals are soft like velvet.

Jinchuan pear beauty, when said: beauty is in the atmosphere!

People have attributed the great scenery of Dajinchuan Pear Blossoms to three:

The snowflake on the top of the mountain is competing with the pear blossoms in the valley;

The second is the mountain flower flying, the pear flower is spring;

Three must be in the fog to see flowers and flowers.

Jiaju Zangzhai is located in Danba County, Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province. It is about 8 kilometers away from the county town. It is like a fairy tale world like the pastoral idyllic song. It enjoys the reputation of “the fairy tale world of Tibetan areas”. On the other side of the Tibetan village, but see the tens of thousands of volleys, the vertical and horizontal peaks symbolize an inexhaustible gallery, each mountain has a beautiful and moving myth.

The most beautiful season, the lingering Jinchuan, the dreamy Danba, the beautiful and mysterious Kangba area, every spring and autumn you exude a fascinating atmosphere………..