West, the most beautiful scenery of the secret territory, I believe many people have not enjoyed.

Maybe you are a little strange about western sichuan, but you must have heard about daocheng, yading, seda, siguniang mountain and other places. In fact, these praised places are just the tip of the iceberg on the land of western sichuan, and there are many beautiful places that you may not have stopped.


Daocheng is known as “the last shangri-la” due to its unique and primitive natural environment and beautiful scenery. The scenic spots here can be divided into two parts: daocheng and yading, among which the most famous are the three sacred mountains of xiannairi, yangmaiyong and xianuo doji, and many glacial lakes such as pearl sea, milk sea, five-color sea and liuli sea.

Milk sea surrounded by snow mountains, the lake is clear blue, the lake is a circle of milky white surrounded, so called milk sea

Yang maiyong is demure and demure like a girl. Standing at the top of the peak, and turning to look back, the mountains surrounded by the wide valley, forest, grass, streams in harmony with each other, the momentum.

The sea of pearls in the dense forest is like an emerald inlaid in the lotus throne, rippling blue waves, sparkling light in the infinite clear.

The five-color sea is named because it produces five different colors under the refraction of light. The ice valley stretches down to the lake, and the snow-capped mountain reflects the lake with fantastic colors. It is a famous sacred lake in Tibetan areas.

Xian nai day is the first peak of daocheng, the peak snow does not melt all year round, the mountain shape is like a Buddha body leaning back, the sun shines in the sun god xian shan golden.

Luorong cattle farm is surrounded by three sacred mountains of “risong gongbu”. Gongga river shuttles through the grassland and gurgling streams among the trees, which add radiance to the cabin of the ranch, creating a primitive and charming scenery, making people enter the realm of returning to simplicity and authenticity.


In kangding, a sense of modern Tibetan culture is evident. Shops with bilingual brands of han and Tibetan are hung on the streets, Tibetan damas wearing earth red Tibetan robes are hired out beside the highway, and yak, buttered tea and barley wine are served in restaurants.

Kangding county is more like a transit station, full streets of inns and hostels, gathered from all over, backpackers, hikers, cyclists, because this is the only way to daocheng yading and sichuan Tibet south line into Tibet, but also to the paradise of photography xindu bridge, ta gong grassland, tamba beauty valley the most beautiful starting point.

Only when you get up early in the morning can you casually find kangding under the white clouds of the mountains, still keeping its inherent leisure and leisure away from the noise.

Kangding city is not very big, walking is the best way to feel here. Houses on both sides of the street are decorated with distinctive Tibetan style, there are a lot of small shops can be decorated to stroll, but also find many characteristics of the snack shop, street will be placed in the evening a lot of barbecue stalls, must try.

There are three temples and a spring in the city. You can run on the edge of the horse and climb there if you have nothing to do. If want to feel pure and simple kangding amorous feelings, it is best to avoid holidays, every year from may to October is the best season.


Located in the south of kangding, sichuan, the head of the mountains, 7556 meters above sea level, known as the “king of the shu mountains,” the famous hailuogou scenic spot and mugutso are gongga mountains.

Due to long-term glacial erosion, the ridges of gongga are very narrow, knife-sharp and steep. The slope is almost always more than 70 degrees, making it extremely difficult to climb. It was only in 1967 that a team from mainland China reached the summit.

There are 45 glaciers in gongga mountain area, covering an area of 290 kilometers. One of the longest is the heluo gully glacier.

Mount gongga, thousands of miles of white clouds crawling at the foot.

Commanding, as far as the eye can see are clouds, and clouds between the flickering qingfeng. The vastness of the field of vision will make people have a feeling of infinite vastness, and the sense of achievement of reaching the summit cannot be described by words.

There are three very peculiar things about the gongga glacier.

It is not cold. The temperature on glacier did not imagine medium low, instead slightly warm, you can even put on thin unlined upper garment, wander in this bizarre glacier world.

Collapse. Ice falls oscillate throughout the year, collapsing millions of cubic metres at a time. At that time, the ice and stone collapse, snow and ice fly, and the sound of roaring reverberation, the scene is very spectacular.

All sorts of strange things. Nature has endowed gongga with the most diverse glacier forms. No one is exactly alike. No glacier is exactly alike.

It is a dream of many people to climb zi mei pass and look into gongga peak and place the long sea of clouds at their feet.

As the early sun rose, the sea of clouds was still rolling in the darkness, while the distant peaks were already gilded.

Life can stand on the top of the snow mountain to see a sunrise, see the cloud shrouded, see the sunshine jinshan, see the early sun to illuminate the dark sky, see the world ushered in a new day. I suspect it will be a luxurious and memorable experience.


Baoxing county is located in the west of sichuan, north of ya ‘an city, under jiajinshan mountain, which is an important node on the ecological tour of giant pandas in western sichuan.

Jiajinshan is rich in forest resources, the vegetation is intact, but also grow golden monkeys, twisted antelope and other national wild protection animals.

Shenmu base is said to be a place for gods to play. There are both towering ancient trees and highland meadow here. The original forest features are well preserved.


Seda is located in the northeast of ganzi Tibetan autonomous prefecture in sichuan province. 002 years ago, the road here was not smooth, so the primitive life here has been maintained. The town has a wide grassland, river meandering, and a long history, with a long history of national culture and profound religious culture. It is also one of the birthplace of the biography of king gesar.

Local people hold a celestial burial place for the dead, the viewer needs to have a certain capacity.

Dongga temple is a red religion temple with a history of more than 300 years.


Danba, known as “the most beautiful village in China”, is located in ganzi Tibetan autonomous prefecture of sichuan province. Danba tourism resources are rich and colorful, the natural scenery is magical and beautiful, set snow mountain, forest, haizi, hot spring, meadow in one.

Jiaju Tibetan village is the most representative Tibetan village in danba, enjoying the reputation of “the fairy tale world of Tibetan areas”. Hundreds of Tibetan villages with well-arranged buildings on the mountains were once rated as one of the most beautiful villages in China by China national geographic.

Daling is an undeveloped Tibetan village, relatively speaking, more beautiful and rustic, natural scenery charming.

Soopo is home to the largest concentration of ancient blockheads in danba and the world, including the world’s only five-point blockhead.

Four girl mountain

The snow fell

Although spring came late in siguniang mountain, even spring snow could not hide the gradually rich spring scenery. Snow flying, falling in the lush mountains and forests, hundreds of miles through the green, green in a little white.


The best trace that spring comes is to bud, when the tree that sleeps one winter pulls out new bud, ground to appear tender grass, the footstep of spring spreads a little bit so, dress up 4 girl hill the pure and fresh of wizard of oz.


Such as a flower, see a mountain in full bloom, four girls mountain flowers are competing to put, ready to go, aimed at full mountain flowers before opening, looking for a unique.

Gas cleaning

In the spring days, the simangshan mountain, breath is a fresh grass, flower fragrance, pure plateau, walking in the arms of the simangshan mountain, enjoy the breath, enjoy the romantic spring of simangshan mountain.

Mountain peaks,

In the spring, the mountain is no longer icy cold, but radiates warm air under the spring sunshine. Lush mountains around the snow peak, clouds implicated in the peak tip, like four girls dancing gauze clothes, facing the sun, sun red face.

Warm sun

The four girls mountain in spring is wreathed in sunshine, warm and lovely. A touch of the setting sun shining, sprinkle a circle of colorful halo, fell on the new branches and leaves, veins clear, reflected on the ground, leaving a little mottled.