Often someone don’t understand of ask: hike have what fun, knapsack so heavy, cross over hill and cross river again, many tired.

Good question. Why is hiking so appealing?

Online said that hiking is a practice, see the day to see things to see their own, is a “heart” journey.

It means that when you are away from the hustle and bustle of the city and the distractions of the outside world, you are able to put everything down for a moment and just be with yourself.

By not being disturbed during the walk, you clear your mind and mind so that you have the strength to return to the earth again. This journey is your spiritual food.

Because of this, the way of hiking has become a favorite of many hobbyists…

Gongga is one of the best hiking places that hikers must go.

“Gong” in Tibetan means “snow and ice”, “ga” means “white”, “white iceberg”, and “highest snow mountain”.

It is located in the south of kangding county, ganzi prefecture, sichuan province, surrounded by 45 peaks with an altitude of 6,000 meters above sea level. The main peak stands on top of the peaks, with an altitude of 7556 meters, and is 6,000 meters higher than the dadu river in the east.

Hiking among the beauty of visual shock, there is covered with white snow of the big snow mountain, between heaven and earth a vast.

More than a hundred years ago, American explorer rock said when he discovered Gongga, “that’s the most wonderful mountain I’ve ever seen.”

Gongga’s main peak rises like a pyramid to the sky. Everyone who has seen Gongga’s snow mountain has a sense of “being dazed and unconscious but not able to speak”.

That’s why people say that you must go to Gongga once in your life!

If we are lucky, we can meet a sea of clouds.

The bright star that can hardly see in the city, also be your cannot miss, love to look up at sky sky a few stars always when one is a child, the neck is sour do not agree to go back to a house, the full moon night of this time, star moon together, all be you.

There is also a panorama of Gongga of zi mei pass. When the sun sets and the sun shines on the snowy mountains, the wonderful scenery of rizhao jinshan will make you stay in the mountain for a long time.

Since we are hiking in Tibetan areas, the experience of Tibetan culture is inevitable: tibetan-style hada prayer ceremony, tibetan-style ba ba banquet, staying in the Tibetan family to experience the Tibetan life, throwing blessing longda in the wind…

Whether you have faith or not, the heart is quiet at that moment.

Don’t know these “fun”, can answer those who have doubts about “hiking”, after all, everyone’s intention of hiking is different, until you get out, you will know what “hiking” means to you.

This year’s mid autumn full moon night, it is better to walk a huge “cross-country hiking conference”, rather than question, curious, come out, to get your answer.

The scenery has been intoxicating, “people” is also the protagonist.

The “cross-country hiking conference” aims to gather a group of people who share the same love, and create a lifetime unforgettable event of their own in the way of “hiking” that everyone loves.

These people come from all over the world, different faces, different identities, different experiences… The only thing in common is my love of hiking.

Because of “love” and get together, each other do not have to “disguise”, less of the grudge and estrangement, a glass of wine, call brother to come.

There is no identity, status, fame and fortune here, only “reality”.

Say it only takes a second to know someone. It’s the same thing to know a person.

A walk, a bunch of friends, why not.