Qinghai in July

It’s the most beautiful time of the year

Walk into qinghai at this time

It is like walking into an oil painting that seems to be made by nature

Blue of qinghai lake

White tea CARDS

The qilian green

The golden gate

Beautiful as a dream that I don’t want to wake up

Qinghai lake in July

It was bright rape flowers and a long girl’s skirt

Standing by the lake of qinghai

The scenery is beautiful

Qinghai lake is the largest inland saltwater lake in China and one of the highest lakes in the world. It has been named “the most beautiful lake in China” by China national geographic.

The summer of qinghai lake is more beautiful on the sky. Azure blue sea water, into pieces into pieces of rape flower field, water and grass rich, cattle and sheep herds of grassland pasture……

Pure haizi blue intoxicating, especially beautiful summer. The blue damask like lake, undulating a layer of ripples, the calm lake appears quiet blue.

Place oneself in a vast blue, and calm blue lake edge, the distance is wei snow mountain, behind is covered with green grassland.

In July, there are thousands of acres of golden rape flowers around the lake, rich and colorful yellow flowers, under the deep blue sky of the plateau, embedded in the blue qinghai lake, boundless.

If the rape flowers in wuyuan are tender and tender, the rape flowers in qinghai lake are magnificent and magnificent, as if they open up with all their strength without reservation.

Golden rape flowers, fragrance in the wind; The tents of herdsmen are scattered; Herds of cattle and sheep, floating like clouds… Standing there quietly, unwilling to leave.

The rape flowers of qinghai province are more suitable for remote shooting, which can capture the colorful prayer flags, and the lens is full of vast, magnificent and Tibetan scenery.

The annual international road cycling race around qinghai lake is also held in July, and it takes about four days to ride along the lake. Besides the endless rape flowers, there are still scattered cabins scattered by the lake.

Here, you can watch the stars all over the sky by the black horse river at night, live in the tents of hospitable hui families, and walk to the qinghai lake to watch the sunrise in the morning.

The breathtaking snow-capped mountains, the breezy grass, the cattle, the sheep, the girls in the dresses, the flowers, the clouds rising and the sun setting, this is the qinghai lake in July.

Qinghai lake in July, blue, yellow and white make up the most beautiful picture scroll in the world, with qinghai lake connecting water and sky as the background, it is a good time for girls to take photos.

Despite the big temperature difference between day and night, the girls also have to wear red skirts and stand by the tranquil lake of qinghai, thinking something vaguely.

A cool breeze was blowing in the blue water, and the girls’ red dresses were fluttering in the wind. It was a very beautiful color difference.

There are some girls like a white dress, standing in the rape bushes, tender yellow rape field is overwhelming, place oneself among them, the heart like filled with honey.

Feet, golden rape flowers without end; In the distance, the layers of blue from shallow to deep… I hope this dream never wakes up.

Actually, since crossed a thousand mountains and rivers to come here, might as well put on the national dress of local characteristic, laugh to run in the flower sea, freeze the most beautiful memory with lens.

This time is also very suitable for riding a small car around the lake, with your eyes to feel the nourishment of every scene, with your skin to feel the touch of every inch of air.

Lift your head and kiss the blue sky for a long time; Lift your hand and touch the white clouds.

Qinghai lake in July, in addition to rape flowers, the number of girls the most beautiful.