The 318 roads in sichuan are in good condition and quality. However, after crossing the jinsha river bridge and entering the territory of Tibet, haitong ditch to mangkang section, nearly 70KM of the national highway in the road repair, the coming and going of tourist vehicles, and the repair of large trucks and trucks parallel difficulties, traffic jam.

And is a gravel road, sitting in the car is very bumpy, dusty, visibility in the field of vision is low, if just in the afternoon heading west the sun is very dazzling, road conditions are worse.

Matters needing attention

There may be a wading car

If you are driving a car, let other cars pass first, observe the size of the puddle, not more than half of the vehicles, need to be careful through.

Overhaul records are kept every month

So traffic jams are common. Remember to fill up your car with gas, water and food before you leave.

In case of landslides, how to bypass? (generally do not choose detour, waiting in place is the best way)

Detour lines, are not suitable for cars and two-drive suvs

Off-road vehicle line, very difficult to walk, batang – bamboo barong – but jinsha river bridge, straight jinsha river – suwalong township – in za township – derong county – meili snow mountain – yanjing – mangkang.

It rains here and the temperature is lower

Tibet is not a regular rain, where the clouds are, where it rains, but the rain will gather rivers, you do not necessarily rain, but not necessarily no rivers, or debris flow;

So make sure you have some thick clothes on board, and even in the summer, a thin down jacket.

Climate changeful, flying stone section, big landslide is haitong ditch three characteristics;

Through here, to rely on luck, but also rely on wisdom, and listen to the command, once the roadside command to stop, it must be absolute obedience, even to abandon the car to run for life;

In fact, it is not so scary. Having a preparation in advance, so that you are not in a hurry, can make you safer every day.

Sichuan-tibet tourism has gradually entered the peak season, the number of self-drive into Tibet is increasing day by day, you are really ready to drive Tibet?

The sichuan-tibet line in the rainy season is both dangerous and beautiful! Self-drive into Tibet, facing the biggest problem, is the changeable road conditions! Mudslides, landslides, broken roads and other kinds of problems into Tibet.