Conch’s ditch

Chengdu luding hailuogou

Elevation: 580 ~ 1600 m

Scenic spots: Erlang mountain tunnel, luding bridge, gongga mountain sunset

Where to stay: moxi town

Travel time: 280km, about 5 hours

Itinerary overview: start from chengdu by bus in the morning, and enjoy the pastoral scenery of the western sichuan plain along the way

Through ya ‘an, listen to the romantic “three elegant” to tell you the beauty of ya ‘an, through the newly built tianlu – yacang highway, through the Erlang mountain tunnel (2200 meters above sea level), feel the “one mountain has Yin and Yang” two different climate scenery, and then enter the territory of ganzi prefecture

Overlooking dadu river canyon scenery, appreciate the infinite charm of the sun and shadow, along the dadu river upstream came to luding bridge (entrance fee 10 yuan, voluntary self-care), feel the red army flying luding bridge years filled with flames of war. Arrive at moxi town of hailuogou in the evening.

Special reminder: suggest the first day on the plateau, do not take a bath, so as not to cause altitude sickness cold, will affect the whole trip.



The new bridge

Hailuogou kangding xindu bridge

Elevation variation: 2500 ~ 3900 m

Scenic spots: hailuogou, hongshi park, folding mountain, xindu bridge

Where to stay: xindu bridge

Travel time: 200km, about 6 hours

Tour overview: go to hailuogou scenic spot by bus after breakfast (90 yuan for admission, 70 yuan for sightseeing, 150 pairs of cableway, self-care). Go down the mountain at noon and then go to hongshi park in yanzigou (60 yuan for admission, self-care) for about 2 hours.

Pass through kangding, yo-yo city, and climb mountain pass (4200 meters above sea level) to enjoy the plateau scenery. Down the mountain to the xindu bridge.




Xindu bridge litang daocheng Aden

Elevation variation: 3630 ~ 4014 m

Scenic spot introduction: tianlu 18wan, maoya grassland, haizi mountain, tuer mountain, ancient ice cap site, green poplar forest

Where to stay: Aden

Travel time: 420km, about 8 hours

Overview of the trip: early in the morning, leave the xindi bridge, cross the gaoersi mountain (4,412 meters above sea level), pass the yajiang river and pass the “eighteen curves of tianlu”, and then cross the clippers bend mountain (4,659 meters above sea level) and the clippers bend mountain (4,718 meters above sea level).

The world high city, plateau pearl – litang county (elevation 4000 meters), view (MAO prairie scenery, the boundless river, climb mountain in place of the tortoise and the hare, the rabbit legend, ways of qinghai-tibet plateau’s largest ruins of the ancient glacier, daocheng ancient ice cap — haizi mountain nature reserve (elevation 4500 meters), charming scenery, appreciate red soil along the river valley idyllic Tibetan villages.

After the daocheng and then over today’s journey of the last mountain – bowa mountain (4,513 meters above sea level), along the river valley arrived at the last shangri-la – riwa township (now called shangri-la town).




A day trip to Aden

Elevation variation: 2800 ~ 4108 m

Scenic spot introduction: milk sea, pearl sea, five colors sea, central maiyong, fairy nairi, cano doji, Aden star

Where to stay: shangri-la

Driving km: 10km

Tour overview: get up early today, change into professional hiking equipment and dry food and water to Aden scenic area.

Still in shangri-la today. Watch wild plants, alpine snow mountains, forests, glaciers, lakes and rivers, and experience the natural beauty of harmony between human and nature. Let sacred mountain holy water and heart resonance, indulge in the land of dreams.

This is the last shangri-la! Bid farewell to the three holy mountains in the afternoon, step by step away from the last shangri-la, and relive the fascinating natural scenery. Night in shangri-la. (round trip battery car and horseback riding fees in the scenic spot are voluntary)




Shangri-la town daocheng batang mangkang

Elevation variation: 2800 ~ 4685 m

Scenic spots: daocheng scenery, azalea valley, haizi mountain, maoya grassland, sister lake, jinsha river, zongla mountain

Where to stay: mangkang

Kilometers traveled: 490km in about 10 hours

Itinerary overview: after breakfast, start from shangri-la town, pass through bowa mountain, haizi mountain and tuer mountain, and arrive at litang, a city with “world high city”, with an altitude of 4,014 meters.

On both sides of the road are alpine pastures and haizi mountain (4,700 meters). After walking through the snow mountain’s sister lake (sea of lovers), you will enter the gorge and pass through the lala mountain tunnel to reach batang (2,600 meters above sea level).

Out of batang by bamboo barong, into Tibet. A bridge (jinsha river bridge), a river (jinsha river), cross, you set foot on the holy land of Tibet.

After crossing the “haitong gully” section, which was destroyed by floods in the summer of 2016, and crossing the zonggongla pass, we arrived at mangkang county (with an altitude of 3,870 meters). Enter mangkang.

Special reminder: today’s journey is long and the road condition is good. Accompanied by beautiful scenery along the way, the 10-hour drive is also spent unconsciously. After entering Tibet, there will be checkpoints along the route (do not take photos). Please prepare your identity card for inspection.




Mangkang zuogong baju

Elevation variation: 2800 ~ 5008 m

Scenic spots: lancang river, jueba mountain, dongda mountain, bonda grassland, nujiang river 72 turning, DORA sacred mountain

Where to stay: ba ku

Travel time: 348km, about 8 hours

After breakfast, we leave mangkang and pass the jinsha river, lancang river and nu river, which originate from tanggula mountain range on the qinghai-tibet plateau. Within a few hundred kilometers of this area, there is a parallel flow, forming the so-called “three rivers sandwiching two walls”.

After crossing the roaring lancang river in rumei, we crossed the narrow jueba mountain (3,940 meters above sea level), dongda mountain (5,130 meters above sea level) and reached zuogong county seat (3,870 meters above sea level).

Out of zuogong county, along the beautiful jade qu river, reached bonda town. Bonda grassland is the grassland in the absolute sense of the Tibetan world

Because of the topography, in banda nu river mountain (4500 meters), the formation of the famous 72 turn, is often said ninety-nine bending, is at the foot of the mountain can see after the beautiful village, with ga ma village, village beautiful plateau terraces, and then after the nu river bridge, through cold bend, baxoi county.

Warm tip: the view is very good, but the road is narrow. After entering Tibet, there will be checkpoints along the route (do not take photos). Please prepare your identity card for inspection.




Batu ran wu bomi

Elevation variation: 2800 ~ 3900 m

Scenic spots: ranwu lake, midui glacier, palong zangbo river

Where to stay: bomi

Travel time: 228km, about 6 hours

Itinerary overview: early pass through the lake ran wu, ran wu lake is a famous plateau glacier yan sehu, come here will let people restless heart calm down, the lake as a mirror as calm without billows, snow mountains, such as a to be married, charming soul.

After driving out of ran wuzhen, we enter the 318 line of national highway, which can be said to be one of the most beautiful sections of 318 (no one). Along the road, there are lush trees, gurgling water, snow-capped mountains, lakes, farmland and villages.

Visit midui glacier (3-4h) : midui glacier is formed by two world-class ice waterfalls, each of which is more than 800 meters high and 1,000 meters wide. There is also a primeval forest between the two ice waterfalls, which is spectacular, beautiful, mysterious and wonderful. After the trip, the tourists will head back to palung zangbo for about 80 kilometers to bomi, which is called “little Switzerland of Tibet”.

The D8



Bomi, lu lang, nyingchi

Elevation variation: 2800 ~ 4702 m

Scenic spots: parongzangbo river morning scenery, spruce forest, grass lake hiking, lulong flower sea grassland, sejira mountain, namjagbarwa peak

Where to stay: nyingchi

Travel time: 229km, about 5 hours

Overview of the trip: from bomi, you can enjoy the spruce forest, beautiful rivers and beaches, hike in caohu lake, and set off for the last tianan tongmai on the sichuan-tibet line in the afternoon.

Tongmai natural hazards (driving about 1.5h) refers to: the section of tongmai to pailong is about 15km long, which is covered with snow-covered mountains and rivers. The mountain is loose and fragile. In case of wind and rain or snow melting, mudslides and landslides are extremely easy to occur


Pass through tongmai, platoon dragon, pass through beautiful zhaxigang village, pass through lulang town. Snow-covered and mist-shrouded, the 4,702-meter-high sierra is known for its azalea sea in spring and summer and is one of the best places to see the peak.

From march to April every year, peach trees in the yarlung zangbo river and the niyang river will be in full bloom (suosong village is the most beautiful scenic spot), forming a situation of peach blossom in full bloom. The blooming flowers and the pastoral and farm constitute a wonderful picture scenery, which is located in the bayi town on the niyang river at an altitude of 2980 meters. Check in nyingchi at night.




Nyingchi gongbu jiangda Lhasa

Elevation variation: 2800 ~ 5013 m

Scenic spot introduction: niyang river scenery, mira mountain, Lhasa river, budara night scene

Where to stay: Lhasa

Travel time: 420km, about 5 hours

Itinerary overview: bayi town departure, experience the history of the appearance of the highest level of the highway – linla road, along the way to enjoy the beautiful niyang river scenery (legend of niyang river is “the tears of the goddess” gathered together, green waves see the bottom, the color of the water particularly quiet and clear.

After crossing the last snow mountain mira (5013M above sea level) on the national highway sichuan-tibet line, we will walk along the Lhasa river and reach the holy land Lhasa in the evening. After checking into the hotel, you can have a rest or visit barkhor street freely.




Lhasa yanghu Lhasa

Elevation variation: 3600 ~ 4500 m

Scenic spots: yamdrok yong tso, yarlung zangbo river scenery

Where to stay: Lhasa

Travel time: 208km, about 5 hours round trip

Schedule overview: sleep late today (from may to October, you need to hold your id card in the morning to get the reserved ticket for potala palace).

Then, according to the gathering time arranged by the team leader, we will set off from Lhasa, cross the yarlung zangbo river valley, cross the gangbara pass and head for yangzhuo lake, one of the three holy lakes in Tibet. On the way back, I will return to Lhasa and check in the hotel. This is the end of my trip to Tibet.