Gongga Mountain, which is the highest peak of sichuan, is 7556 meters above sea level.

Because the main peak is too high, it was mistaken for “the world’s highest peak”.

It is known as “king of shu mountain”.

It, appearing in the eyes of westerners, amazes the world with a black and white photo shaped like a pyramid.

Joseph Locke once said, “it is the most ethereal mountain in western China… “.

Because the main peak of Gongga Mountain is too high and the climate is changeable, it’s difficult to see the true face.

Gongga Mountain’s beauty lies in four seasons.

In may and June, azaleas bloom, Gongga Mountain’s foot, all kinds of wild azaleas, their branches strong, large and rich, like a gorgeous flame, burning, burning.

Gongga Mountain in autumn is dyed into a wonderland with colorful autumn colors.

Gongga Mountain is vertically distributed in broadleaf forest, coniferous forest and meadow, which is the kingdom of plants.

You can find valuable cordyceps, but also can find hundreds of years old trees.

Gongga Mountain has different beauty when seen from different angles.

Gongga Mountain in gacuo

The blue and clear cold gacuo, like a mirror, reflects Gongga Mountain’s unique independence and isolation.

There is beauty, in the cold karma. Starry sky, a sight is unforgettable.

See gongga snow mountain in quanhua beach

Quanhuatan like the pool, calcified pool colorful, rich and beautiful, water and grass dependent, not painted powder, its own powder.

It is a flower rather than a flower.

Watching gongga snow mountain in quanhua beach is a fairyland like jade pool.

Looking at gongga snow mountain in zi mei pass

Zi mei pass watching gongga snow mountain, you can enjoy the magnificent scenery of rizhao mountain and sea of clouds. One light and one shade.

See gongga snow mountain in the city

Gongga Mountain, one of the highest peaks in sichuan province, is so stunning in black and white

Zou tao has been to Gongga Mountain 40 or 50 times, and each time, it’s a new surprise, because “it’s better to know one Mountain than to climb a thousand peaks.”

Seeing Gongga Mountain in the city is a special experience.

“In chengdu, on a particularly nice day, you can see Gongga Mountain in the distance through the background of skyscrapers and bustle,” he said. This feeling, if seen once, should never forget.”