Speaking of xi ‘an, many people prefer its ancient name “chang ‘an”.

This city, which has gone through the rise and fall of dynasties, is like a huge museum. Every brick and tile left by ancient people reveals the historical deposits.

With a long history, xi ‘an’s folk art is also a brilliant intangible cultural heritage, which reproduces the tang dynasty that this land once experienced.

All kinds of snacks, all make diners endless aftertaste. From morning till night, tourists and locals from all over the world feast in the century-old and emerging snack bars.

See a song of everlasting regret, we dream back to chang ‘an…

It is a famous flower, bird, fish and insect market in xi ‘an. It keeps the tradition of opening every Thursday and Sunday. It is called “bird market”.

Xicang, a large market in xi ‘an, is bustling early on Thursdays and Sundays. All kinds of stall people swarmed, life, flowers, birds, fish and insects, only you can not think of, you can not find.

There is a saying that, do not know “xicang”, not a real xi ‘an people. But this is an old saying, because many of the people who were born and raised in the city did not know that there was still a market of this size inside the walls.

At noon, you can go to huimin street, which is the block with the most concentrated xi ‘an characteristic snacks. If you want to experience the most authentic xi ‘an flavor, the “fly pavilion” in the alley is the best choice, where xi ‘an natives gather together.

Nearly 300 kinds of characteristic flavor snacks can be tasted in hui min street, let a person linger on.

There are various snack shops on both sides of the street, you can eat delicious food and feel the profound cultural deposits here.

Standing in row upon row of archway, from a hundred years old to eat unknown stalls.

Taste the meat jia mo spilled from the wax juice, steaming bread in the soup, clear cool skin, thick and spicy soup

Open a bottle of ice – feng soda, shaanxi taste, all in here.

After lunch can go to gaos thought courtyard, there are shadow puppetry and qinqiang performance.

Gao yuesong, the owner of this palace, was born an official, and he was fond of poetry books.

Those fine brick carvings, couplets, halls, theatres, embroidery buildings and closets have also outlined a century-old family history.

If there is no sunlight, shadow cloth on the brick, mottled refute, quite some ancient idea.

Bell and drum tower square is also nearby, until the evening, to the bell and drum tower overlooking chang ‘an, especially at night, the scenery is very good-looking.

Night, music fountain, bell tower, drum tower lights up together, very spectacular.

The drum tower and the bell tower opposite, every day at 6 PM on time, the drum tower on the 24 solar term drum ride ring, sound hongliang, momentum.

Again, it is to xi ‘an ancient city wall riding a bike for a walk.

The next day you can visit the museum of the eighth wonder of the world.

Although more than two thousand years has been broken, but the vast array of forces still do not lose the mighty momentum – a chi surprise wind and cloud, galloping across the battlefield momentum and coming!

As the eighth wonder of the world, the shock of this project can be imagined. Each terra-cotta warrior looks and poses are different, with hair, eyes and mouth clearly visible.

Then see a “song of everlasting sorrow” performance, by 300 professional actors constitute a strong lineup, to potential to create feelings, to dance to tell the feelings, in the original origin of the story artistically reproduced this touching love story.

From the shock brought by the gorgeous lighting and sound of the stage to the reproduction of the exquisite costumes of the tang dynasty, this dance drama embodies the tang culture incisively and vividly.

At night, if you want to experience xi ‘an life in depth, you can go to the quiet atmosphere of shuncheng lane.

On one side is the grand ancient city wall, and on the other side is the elegant ancient construction of Ming and qing dynasties. In the alley of this bluestone path, there are many different styles of green brigades, restaurants, bars and cafes.

Enough to see the big scenery, in the gaps of the city’s high-rise, along the wall roots, into the small veins of the city, perhaps more can understand the city of xi ‘an.

Drink a few glasses of wine at the foot of the city wall and enjoy the quiet pace of the city.

Watch a qinqiang performance, feel “eight hundred miles of qinchuan dust, thirty million old shaanxi singing qinqiang” vigorous, xi ‘an trip to add some charm.

Try some authentic food and feast your appetite.

Cycle around the ancient city wall, ride around the city wall, see the slanting sunset hanging above the old city, moving heart.

In the theater, there are songs and dances in imitation of the tang dynasty, and all the things that this land has experienced are reproduced.