Some people have traveled to the mountains and rivers of the motherland, but they have never come to China’s Tibet. Some have only been to Tibet. Regardless of how many times you have been to Tibet, please remember your 10 moments in Tibet.

Standing at the Potala Palace Square

Staring at the Potala Palace known as the Pearl of the Plateau

Changing clouds in the sky

Take a commemorative photo in front of the highest altitude palace

When you stroll through Barkhor Street

Or wander around the Jokhang Temple Square

When you see a pious long-headed pilgrim

This is a kind of faith, don’t be surprised to watch it silently.

Lhasa Sun City

Bathing in the sun

Explore the ancient streets

Touch a culturally rich wall

At the corner of Barkhor Street

Maggie Ami tastes afternoon tea

Listening to Tibetan Scholars’ Explanation of Tibetan Culture

Strolling Tibetan mother river Lhasa

The glory of a sunset and the afterglow of the sunset

Going to the top of Lhasa Hill in the evening

Overlooking the entire city of Lhasa

Panoramic view of the entire city at night

Glittering stars in the pure sky

At least one of the three holy lakes in Tibet

Nam Co, Ma Biao wrong, Yam Zhuo wrong

Shenshan holy lake in the hearts of Tibetans

Tibet’s belief in the turn of the Year of the Sheep and the turn of the Year of the Horse

When you come to this land in Tibet

Music in front of the Potala Palace Square

Regardless of ethnicity, singing and dancing

Feel the Tibetan culture of the snow plateau

When you have doubts in your heart

Have a cordial conversation with local Tibetans

Take a smile on your face with your lens

A calm and peaceful smile may give you a feeling

Taste pure yak yogurt

Explore a small teahouse and order a pot of butter tea

Drink some barley wine and take the lamb chops

Taste local Lhasa cuisine and visit specialty stores