The beauty of Tibet cannot be based on hearsay

You have to be there to feel it

Part from the earth, let people fear, wash the soul

The beauty of shock

Especially when you’re in Tibet

Get involved with the local people

To make their own trip to Tibet

Walk away from the routine

And to the heart

To understand the true meaning of nature and life

The roof of the world, the top of the earth there must be magic water, magic lake

The deep blue of the lake namco

The saintly beauty of yamdrok

Of the Lhasa river

The beauty of the niyang river

Bassoon’s wrong silence

The galloping Brahmaputra river

Trickling down from the glaciers of the Himalayas

Water and sky are one color, blue sky lake one integrated whole cuo na lake

Anwu lake, lancang river, nu river…

And the nameless winding rivers

Their aura

Their magic

Their sanctity

You don’t just see with your eyes

Listen with your ears

More need to feel with the soul

“Yong” means “jasper”

“Wrong” is “lake”

So jasper is used to describe the mountains in Tibet

Each “yong” word generation “wrong”

Lamar, yamdrok, and be on your way

It’s very clever. It’s just right

In the distance was a continuous snow-capped mountain, near a meadow

In front of me was a clear stream

Cattle and sheep paced leisurely

Or gnaw grass, or drink water

There are white clouds above, blue sky……

This is a common sight in Tibet

I stand on the edge of the lake and look out

Surprised by crowds of swans, yellow ducks, geese and gulls in the lake

Such as plateau birds in this habitat and flight

A thin blue mist floated over the lake

The lake was like a dream wrapped in green gauze

The rugged grass flats were lined with pools of clear water

The water reflected the sun’s colorful rays

It’s like a mirror in a fairy tale

The river was level as a mirror

The morning sun shone on the water

Like a soft halo floating on the river

Lake blue, pure blue

Blue is deep cham, blue is gentle and elegant

On the blue damask of the lake

There was a slight ripple

Like a little girl that clear, blue eyes

In addition to lakes, there are numerous snowy mountains in Tibet

When the first wisp of saintly sunshine on the white Everest time

When the sacred mountains and lakes are illuminated by the morning light

You feel overwhelmed

The terrain here is complicated.

It can be roughly divided into three different natural areas

In the north is the northern Tibetan plateau

It is located between kunlun mountains, tanggula mountains, gangdi mountains and nianqing tanggula mountains

It accounts for two-thirds of the autonomous region

Between the gangdys and the Himalayas

That is where the yarlung zangbo river and its tributaries flow through

It’s south Tibet valley

East Tibet is a high mountain valley area

For a series of gradual transitions from east to west

High mountains and deep valleys running north and south

It is part of the famous hengduan mountains

A snow mountain is because of its height

The snow line in Tibet is 4000 meters

The warm place is 4200 meters

The people under the snowy mountains Revere the divine power of nature

Also be grateful for the gifts of nature

Offer your heart and soul

Snow mountain spirit as a Buddha, worship worship

These are particularly evident in snowy Tibet

Whether it be kailash or namabawa

Every year, countless believers come thousands of miles away

At the foot of the snow mountain kneel to worship

Snow-capped mountains and ice-capped peaks are not only magical in their humanity

Its natural scenery is also unique

Or adjacent to the lake, both movement appropriate

Or surrounded by dense forests, a mountain hidden four seasons

Or vast wilderness, frontier fortress will return to the soul

Every mountain is unique

Be unique

The mountains and waters of Tibet are so charming, but here are some things to do to make the beauty go beyond the scenery; Only then can the trip to Tibet be sublimated.

Inhaling the first cold breath of the plateau, in the view of the vast mountain peak, such as a lifetime unforgettable sunrise.

Follow the Tibetan who turns the mountain to throw a colorful dragon, let the wind bring your best wishes to the Buddha.

Go to the most sacred temple in the area and follow the Tibetan people to take a turn in the buddhist road.

When you are tired of walking, go to a Tibetan family or a Tibetan tea house to have a cup of warm Tibetan tea.

Remember and kind Tibetan friends and a shadow, and then remember each other heart strange but warm smile.

The girl that loves beauty can experience Tibet outfit, at least this day, you are the gesang meiduo with the most beautiful highland.

To the hearts of local tibetans the most efficent holy lake worship, may be able to see their own past life in the lake.

Go looking for a day highland far, bonus grass green Tibetan grassland, take a most beautiful photo.

It is the most comfortable way of life for human beings to have a close encounter with a horse on the boundless grassland.

When hungry, eat a delicious yak with a knife like a local Tibetan. The taste in your blood is unreserved.

If there is a local post office or bookstore, choose a beautiful postcard for a friend far away and tell him how beautiful it is.

With the local tibetans to knock a long head, put the heart on the ground, tell the Buddha what you want to say.

Maybe you are not traveling alone in Tibet, but you must remember to take a road photo of yourself and remember how happy you look on the road.

With the permission of the local temple, go to see a wonderful debate and watch the monks practice their witty words.

First ask your subject for permission to take a picture of him. Then record a sincere Tibetan smile with your camera.

Don’t forget to go to the local market to choose some exquisite Tibetan hand letters for yourself and your friends.

In the evening, you must find an authentic Tibetan food and enjoy the most healthy and delicious natural gifts as Tibetan people.

After a delicious Tibetan meal, a cheerful Tibetan pot village dances around a red bonfire to celebrate everyone’s health and good luck.

Knowing that you will be reluctant to spend time in Tibet, don’t forget to have a drink at the local Tibetan bar on your last night, and share your best memories with music and wine.

Finally, the last wish of this trip to Tibet, to witness the most beautiful night sky in the plateau, let the stored energy of this trip illuminate our way forward.

I heard Tibet is so beautiful

But you have to feel it for yourself

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