I think Tibet is a dream in everyone’s heart! Where you can reach the blue sky and white clouds, where the beautiful snow lake… Some people will go back no matter how many times they have been there, because every time they feel it is different from the last time, maybe because of the mood, maybe because of the weather, maybe because of…

Erlangshan tunnel

Erlangshan tunnel, with a total length of 13.4 kilometers, is the longest highway tunnel in high-altitude areas opened to traffic in China.

Scenic Spot of Daocheng Yading

Composed of three sacred mountains and surrounding rivers, lakes and alpine meadows, its scenery maintains a purity that is nearly extinct on earth. It is known as “the last pure land on the watery blue planet” and is a paradise for photography lovers.

Two Sisters Lake

Two Sisters Lake, also called “glasses Lake”, lies quietly on haizi mountain, surrounded by snow-capped peaks. She is like Two bright pearls and Two tears of the snow mountain, sprinkled on the foot of the mountain.


Zheduo means curved in Tibetan, Chinese double duo. The winding mountain road is really nine twists and eighteen turns, winding back and forth just like the word “many”, turning a turn, is a turn, no wonder the local people have a sentence called: “scared the dead Erlang mountain, over the dead people’s folding mountain.”

Ranwu Lake

Approaching Ranwu Lake, the blue water looks like a drop of tears falling from the sky.


Due to the vast territory of the maoya grassland named, the county 4014 meters above sea level, known as the “world high city.

Buddha – ida-virumaa county

A total of 108 small white towers, small white towers around the big white tower, quite spectacular.

Midui Glacier

It is a typical representative of maritime glacier in southeast Tibet, with typical characteristics and complete types. It is famous for its beautiful arch structure and is a rare natural wonder.

Basum Lake

The deep blue sky reflected in the clear green water and rippled with waves. You can see the snow mountains and glaciers in the distance and the continuous snow color on the top of the mountain. There is a heaven on earth and a wonderful world.

The nu river turns 72

The nu river turns 72 is like The lines of salad dressing squeezed on a high mountain gorge, with a regularity.


In Namtso, one’s soul will be thoroughly washed by the pure water before one’s eyes. The highest and most beautiful lake in the world will shock you standing beside her, as if you are in a blue world, and your eyes are full of holiness.


Among all the lakes in Tibet, yamdrok lake is unique in its blue color, which fascinates people. Such a blue color only belongs to yamdrok lake, which is enchanting, gentle and charming.

The scenery along the route

This sichuan-tibet road will pass through many such anonymous scenic spots, “the most beautiful scenery on the road” to reflect the most incisively and vividly.

The Potala Palace

Known as the “pearl on the roof of the world”, the Potala Palace is a symbol of Lhasa and even the qinghai-tibet plateau, as well as the former political center of Tibet.

No matter how you see the Potala Palace, you can’t change its sacred status in people’s hearts, so Tibet is not enough in one time.