The hottest season of the year in July

It’s also the best time to travel

Because this is the most beautiful time for many scenic spots

Because this is already the summer vacation, is time to take the child to travel ten thousand miles

Because just want to get away from the heat of the city

Go somewhere cool


Ili is one of the most fertile lands in western China.

June – October is the best time to travel in ili every year. At this time, yili has beautiful scenery and fragrant fruits. Tourists can not only enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, but also enjoy all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables in season, and enjoy the desolate beauty of the gobi, but also experience the unique delicate scenery and strong ethnic customs of the oasis. Integrating modern civilization and perfect nature, ili is showing its sacred, magical and infinite charm to the world.

The reason why huocheng is suitable for lavender growth is that the latitude here is the same as provence and the soil environment is similar, which makes huocheng the “hometown of lavender in China”.

June and July every year is the best ornamental season, hundreds of acres of lavender to bloom, that piece of purple blue flower sea, the blossoming stamens, that continuously strong odd fragrance, let people be most willing to drunk in the embrace of lavender. As you swim in the purple kingdom, have a romantic date with flowers! Come to huocheng lavender, only because here is beautiful suffocating!


Yamdrok lake means “jasper lake” in Tibetan. It is one of the three holy lakes in Tibet, like a coral branch, so it is also called “coral lake above” in Tibetan.

The sheep lake in July, the lake water is as clear as the mirror, the lakeside grass is rich, the lake is wide, the blue mountains, the white clouds, the crystal clear lake water, plus a quiet boat and the white yak lying on the shore… Everything will remind you of the unmatchable word “holy”.

Namtso is the second largest lake in Tibet and the third largest saltwater lake in China. It is one of the “three holy lakes” in Tibet.

It is comfortable to go to namtso in summer, and you can see nianqing tanggula mountain on the ice and snow peak of namu lake, which is definitely a visual impact, and the scenery is super great! Blue and black, dark blue, bao LAN, gray blue and sky like light blue, this is from the deep and light blue, blue is clear, rich and charming, it contains all the people’s hearts of sadness and trouble, let together attributed to quiet and indifferent. In namtso, one’s soul will be thoroughly washed by the pure lake water before one’s eyes.

Qinghai rape flower

In the nationwide selection of “China’s most beautiful rape flower sea”, menyuan rape flower ranked the fourth.

July, when most places have entered the early summer, qinghai has just ushered in its spring. You take a car, through the quiet dabanshan tunnel to the menyuan basin, enjoy the endless rape scenery and enjoy the refreshing flowers, you can realize the menyuan people love flowers such as life. Under the deep blue sky of the plateau, the whole menyuan basin is covered with rich and colorful yellow flowers, which are boundless and boundless, just like a natural golden potted landscape.


Have 9 color gannan say. A spectacular view of water and sky.

June to August is the peak season for the appearance of the great northwest loop, when temperatures stay comfortably cool between 15 and 30 degrees. The Yellow River flowing through gannan gives gannan boundless and lofty, with the magnificent scenery connecting water and sky; The Tibetan people living here give gannan colorful folk customs.

Zhagara is called a “dream paradise” and “human shambhala”, and is listed as one of the top ten non-famous mountain peaks in China by China national geographic magazine.

Zhagarna in July, from the stone peaks covered by clouds and fog to the open fields blossoming into the sea, reveals everywhere the impossibility of this paradise. The small yellow flowers in full bloom let zagat sway in the breeze of summer yan. The flowers all over the mountains and fields catch people’s eye, there is a little trace of snow on the top of the mountain, in the sunshine and white clouds set off, it seems so brilliant attractive.

Western sichuan

Damei sichuan, the most beautiful western sichuan, the western sichuan generally refers to the sihu ganzi prefecture and aba prefecture and other plateau Tibetan areas.

Every year from June to July is the most beautiful season in western sichuan. There is a country with luxuriant grass and flocks of cattle and sheep. There are too many breathtaking scenery: buddhist belief – seda; Tibetan customs – jia ju Tibetan village; Natural elf – ya home hard red stone beach; Disorderly flower gradually desire charming eye — Russia yao tang; The holy land of love — daocheng yading…

Siguniang mountain is covered by snow and ice all the year round. There is snow in all seasons. Because it has four beautiful peaks connected with each other, the highest and most beautiful peak is the fourth peak, so it is called siguniang mountain.

In summer, the four girls mountain is like summer flowers, brilliant, flowers all over the countryside, streams clear, gurgling water scour the heart of the world. Surrounded by glaciers, lush forests, steep terrain and snow-capped mountains. People here are very simple, the local people are kind, people feel at home.


It is famous for six major landscapes: “water garden, lakes and forests, water village of yi family, karst wetland, lotus world, migratory bird paradise”.

Every July, thousands of acres of lotus bloom here, more than 270 kinds of lotus vying for glory, constitute the world’s largest ten thousand acres of lotus pond. Ten thousand mu of lotus sprinkled in the water, lotus leaves green, color and variety, erect. Boating through the meantime, fragrant, intoxicating, such as place oneself in poetry and painting.


It was the nearest city in mainland China to Japan and Korea, the birthplace of the beiyang navy, the first Chinese navy in modern times, and the site of the sino-japanese war.

Compared with the noise of Qingdao, weihai is quiet. Its air quality, water quality, noise and other environmental quality indicators have met or exceeded the national standards. It is also praised by the United Nations as “one of the best cities to live in” and a good place for tourism, summer vacation and health care. Weihai in summer, there is no summer heat, you can swim in the sea, also can visit the ruins, play the island, is the best travel season of the year.


It has the title of “western hubei linhai”, “central China medicine storehouse”, “tobacco kingdom” and “selenium capital of the world”.

From April to August, enshi is the most comfortable season. Although it is close to wuhan and chongqing, the two big furnaces are as cool as spring, but it is truly “the cool capital of the world”. He feng is known as the “xianbena” of China. It is a natural summer valley with an average temperature of 24℃ in summer. The empty and remote gorge hides the emerald green lake water, the boat rides on the crystal clear river, as if floats in the air, has the transcendent worldly leisure.