Lake scenery, gentle breeze drizzle, spring ten miles

The woman speaks wu nong soft language

Spring in the south, all hidden in these two cities


Misty rain south of the Yangtze river, heaven suzhou, green shoots quietly hanging branches, a brick a tile through a trace of charm, quiet and beautiful.

The ancient village of powder-walled daiwa is set off in the colorful spring scenery, the courtyard is deep, the smoke curling up from the kitchen, a kind of real and quiet su style life is sung here.

Yangcheng lake peninsula

A lake, a long bank, encircling a beautiful peninsula. Clear water and blue sky, reflecting the clear wind and bright moon; Safflower green trees, beautiful scenery. Unknown flowers open is pretty, reflecting the river only beautiful romantic.

The natural beauty endowed by god endows the peninsula with unique charm of “water pool in the horizon, unique universe”. At leisure in the peninsula, steal half a day of leisure. Or put on cycling clothes, under the blue sky and white clouds, for a ride around the island.

chongyuan temple

Water day Buddha, a thousand-year old temple, surrounded by water on three sides, profound artistic conception, meditation, meditation tea, reading scripture, give a solemn, quiet, elegant feeling, no need to say more, you can listen to the inner voice.

The setting sun west, the lamp early, years static good, place oneself in this, as if all things in the world with a trace of nimbus, the growth of not arrogant or rash.

Sakura lake park

Fragrance of flowers thousands of miles, people’s faces reflect thousands of colors. The azaleas fluttering on the hills seem to be in full bloom, as if the light of the rainbow were pouring on the earth. The simple boardwalk extends to the cabin by the lake, as if entering into the wonderland of no one.

Sakura road winding kilometers, every spring, full of sakura like snow, like clouds, but also pure than clouds. When the spring breeze, petals rustle falling, falling petals rain on the ground, shop into the fragrance of the flower path.

Lotus lake park

Near the lotus and red lotus, distant fish and egrets play. Summer, summer lake, “cuigai red makeup and blue waves set off” the most stunning dust, coupled with the wind, very pleasant.

Lightly swim along the lotus pond, lotus wind send incense, climb and look, clear water and blue sky, egrets fluttering, antique lush, peach blossom smiling, people still wonder wuling still, peach land also come.


The former Shanghai imprinted the prosperity of “ten-mile foreign market”, telling the story of the old Shanghai beach’s flashy old dream. Today’s Shanghai is an international metropolis with modern and traditional Chinese characteristics.

The charm of “magic city” is reflected in its modern buildings and the atmosphere of old Shanghai.

Shanghai Disneyland

If the burden of life can’t catch your breath, you should choose a paradise to let yourself return to childhood, hug Snow White, spin around with mickey’s hand, run and scream as much as you like, and keep a girl’s heart forever, as if she has never grown up.

You can explore ancient civilizations to your heart’s content. Join the pirates on a treasure hunt; To the future on the speed of light wheel, flying in the electronic world; Watch a romantic fireworks show in front of the castle.

The vanilla garden

Spring breeze is always blowing in April especially warm, sunshine has become particularly warm, take off the thick cotton-padded clothes, put on the most beautiful dress in spring, walking in the path of vanilla garden, footsteps seem to be singing songs.

Endless purple, let the whole world are romantic, floating in the air light fragrance, attracted bees and butterflies dance, this season is the most suitable for love.

Ecological garden

The comfortable time on the weekend is to choose a quiet and leisurely place, to see the growth of all things in spring, to see the sparkling light of spring breeze, to see the floating willows, to put down the noise of the city, to enjoy a moment of quiet and leisurely.

Do not read the past, do not worry about the future, enjoy the land to run, laugh, enjoy a happy weekend.