Eating cherries, leaving tamba and heading for the siguniang mountains.

The cherries are ripe and soft, not very sweet, but fresh and delicious. We didn’t wash it at all. We ate it with our hands.

Brother H because of driving, only occasionally when we stop to view, eat a few.

We passed through the danba Tibetan village and the famous beauty valley. We didn’t stop.

Entering the small gold land, the mountain road is more and more dangerous.

To four girls mountain, between the car and a read

Listen to his introduction, benben is also quite interested, straight back to find to read.

Now the altitude is lower than ganzi, but the mountain road is more dangerous. Brother H stopped talking to us and focused on driving.

Had not come, we actually cannot distinguish “gan, ah, cool”. We don’t feel the difference when it’s mentioned together. But these two days of experience, obviously ganzi and aba feel different.

To four girls mountain, between the car and a read

Ganzi is higher than aba, but the terrain is gentle, abundant water grass, hillside meadow, everywhere leisurely grazing yaks. Yaks may graze around without too much care. The market value is very high, and the residents should be relatively rich. Although aba is lower in altitude and feels more relaxed, the terrain is steep and full of broken cliffs. Living along the valley, with no whole fields, no meadows for yak grazing, and the threat of mudslides, torrents, and falling rocks, is harder than in ganzi.

I was sighing and suddenly felt uneasy.

The road ahead curves and ramps. Suddenly another sharp bend, I saw a big truck, four wheels in the air. Caught by a clump of trees that overhung the cliff. I exclaimed in a low voice.

Brother H slowed down and bypassed another big truck parked by the side of the road. Take the 90-degree turn steadily.

We’ve actually seen a couple of these car accidents all the way down the hill.

Some have fallen completely out of shape, estimated to fall under the cliff, there is not much value of hanging up, so, there are some debris, warning future generations.

But this big truck in front of us, it was clearly just flipped over. Black tires and red car body, are clean and conspicuous.

We rounded the sharp bend and descended to the bottom of the hill, looking straight up at the truck supported by the tree.

To four girls mountain, between the car and a read

From kangding to jinchuan, we have encountered large trucks most of the time. They’re basically building materials. Near kangding, trucks are piling up because of the construction of a high-speed rail link from chengdu to Lhasa. Now on the jinchuan side of aba, a lot of it seems to be because of the construction of small hydropower along the road.

On the narrow mountain road, the most fearful thing for small cars like us is the heavy truck.

Brother H in the cliff, the car stopped, got off the car, looking at the tree in the middle of the hill that truck.

I was nervous that the truck might fall off at any moment.

At this time, ah duo and ah wen’s car caught up, greeted H brother before. Brother H hesitated and got into the car. Say, “I want to see if he needs help.”

We told him there was the same truck parked next to him. It must be his companion. And, as we’ve seen, there’s no one on the bus, and there’s no blood.

Brother H couldn’t see the details because he was concentrating on the car.

We drove a few hundred metres further and saw a large construction site under construction. Those two cars, they’re supposed to be here. Apparently, his companions would be the first to come to the site and ask for help.

A few kilometres further on, a crane approached. Apparently to rescue the truck.

Brother H was relieved.

I was quite touched by brother H’s reaction.

But did not expect, more breathtaking journey, still behind.