It’s an amazing experience

A man carries his bag

Look at the universe

Smell the flowers and trees

Crossing the great rivers

Step among the birds, fish and insects

Man and nature are one

Outside the world

Only with their own

One time

Looked up

July zagana

Sky blue deep as well, white clouds like skirt

A huge shadow cast on the grassland

Will be your first travel companion

Walk tired

Lying in it

Listen quietly to the cries of the creatures

Like a dream, like drunk

It was as if everything was empty

The endless prairie

A gathering of birds on a vast lake

I fly like a bird


Listen to the legends of the lake

The original

The fairies pick the careless thoughts

The jade that falls into the earth

The holy lake that nourishes all things

Essential sea lake

Bowed their heads and overlooking

The lake looks like a mirror

I look at the sky and the water to see myself

More see more thorough, more see more magnanimous

The sky is green and wild

The wind drives the grass low

Sangke grassland

It is the place where the brave and fierce horsemen indulge their horses to gallop for thousands of miles

Water and grass are plentiful here, cattle and sheep are fat

Surrounded by mountains

The daxia river flows slowly from south to north

This is the view of the mulberry

Who said a person’s journey is lonely

Walk with yourself

It’s not just another option

The whole world wants to run with me

So I no longer for secular


And I saw it

The red army’s 25, 000-li long march has traversed the river

The first bend of the Yellow River

Here’s a SOB story

Sitting by her mother’s river

Listen attentively to her history

At dusk, the sun was setting

The whole valley was covered with gold

Yellow River bank green grass, wild flowers everywhere

Tent smoke, cattle, sheep and horses

It felt like a return to nature

Let my body and mind get unprecedented relief

For man and nature

You have a different perception

At the same time, we can appreciate the cultural power of nature

Langmu temple is not a temple

It’s located at

Gannan Tibetan autonomous prefecture luqu county style town

Place ethereal, landscape dependent, beautiful scenery of it

In the embrace of the mountains stood still

The fluttering prayer flags carry a strong religious atmosphere

Here it is

Pray with the faithful

Happiness in the afterlife

The bifurcation stone forest

The mountains are high and steep

Thousands of stone forest stand in the clouds

The water runs clear to the bottom and the trees are lush and luxuriant

Give a person with the feeling of towering

Awe was born

Make friends with nature

While you are alone enjoying the scenery along the way

Will feel

Out of the garish world of material money

The original can also live

So free and easy

With a simple heart

Feel the qingli beautiful and majestic potential of the great valley

The valley creaks

Or gentle or irritable

Like a queer person

On a one-man journey

Throw away worldly things

Enjoy natural beauty

To be pure and simple

Pick up your luggage and make a clean land for yourself