Gandan monastery is located on wangbogri mountain, 3800 meters above sea level, on the south bank of the Lhasa river in dalze county, Lhasa. Wangbori mountain is like a crouching giant elephant, carrying a large group of buildings full of mountain passes, fully reflecting the traditional Tibetan Buddhism temple building to suit local conditions, temples side by the mountain, group buildings overlap, towering and spectacular.

The temple is the most special one among the six huangjiao temples. It was built in 1409 by zongkhaba, the founder of the gelug sect of Tibetan Buddhism. It can be said that it is the zu temple of the gru sect.

Gandan monastery is the ancestral monastery of gelug sect.

Temple is built on the top of the mountain is very imposing, to visit here tourists are not many, only some to this pilgrimage, very clean, there is a turn mountain road, you can turn around the scenery.

The Gandan monastery is worth living. It is a great deal more comfortable than the jokhang temple. Calm down to enjoy the scenery, really beautiful!

The whole group of buildings on the hillside, such as washing under the blue sky more magnificent.

Gandan monastery is a major cultural relic protection site in China. It is composed of more than 50 buildings, mainly composed of cuoqin grand hall, zongkhaba dormitory hall, yangba gandharan courtyard, zongkhaba lingta sacrificial hall, jiangzizacang, xia zizacang, 23 kang villages and 20 mi villages.

When those white towers, red walls, golden roofs and lamas in magenta robes appear in front of me, I feel a kind of unknown touching and quiet, how many times in the picture, video and text to see such a picture, suddenly saw but a kind of not real feeling.

At the top of the mountain, the Gandan monastery is big, peaceful and friendly. It’s worth going!

Stop for a few moments to enjoy the Gandan monastery on wangboji mountain on the way from nyingchi to Lhasa. It’s really quite majestic.

Gandan monastery, the representative of the gelugpa temple, built on the mountain, layer upon layer, from a distance, there is a feeling of looking far away, the temple inside the collection of treasures many.

The frescoes and sculptures of Gandan monastery are exquisite, and there are plenty of preserved cultural relics. In addition to qianlong’s armor, there are many exquisitely made silk “thangka”.

It looks very zhuangguang, there are a lot of important historical relics, buddhist thangka and so on, are more valuable, worthy of recommendation.

There are many historical relics in Gandan monastery. The buddhist sutras and thangkas here are of great value and beauty.

The large scale of the complex, fully reflects the traditional Tibetan Buddhism temple building in accordance with local conditions, temples side by the mountains, group buildings overlap, towering spectacular. Speed measurement in the whole range of wangboji mountain, all zigzag winding road, from the left of the temple must climb to the back of the mountain.

Gandan monastery stands beside the mountains, overlapping towers, towering spectacular.

The monastery is one of the three major monasteries in Lhasa. It has two zhacang temples and more than 50 buildings.

Most of the monasteries are built along the mountains, and there are plenty of buddhist relics preserved in Gandan monastery.

It has a large scale, and drepung monastery, sera monastery into three major monastery courtyard in Tibet.

The Gandan monastery in Tibet, partially destroyed and rebuilt after a difficult period of cooking POTS, is an incredible place. It looks magnificent.

The buildings of Gandan monastery are arranged in an orderly manner. Buddhist temples and sutras stand in great forest, gilt roofs are towering, the temple city is magnificent, and monks’ houses are densely scattered.

Cluster of buildings, overlapping, is a large scale, imposing temple complex.

The temple is a bright color, very visual impact – black window frame, white wall.

Gandan monastery located in mount whampur, located in the Lhasa river in taze county, 47 kilometers away from Lhasa city, it is located at an altitude of 3800 meters!

It is one of the earliest and largest buddhist temples in Tibet and sits atop six famous temples of the gelug sect, a branch of Tibetan Buddhism.

Its importance as a religious, artistic, political and cultural heritage site led it to be protected under the state key cultural heritage conservation plan in 1961 and is now known as one of the “three great temples”, sera and drepung.

Bird ‘s-eye view of the whole county, really thought to daocheng yading.

From Gandan monastery, one hour after entering Lhasa, Tibet, through the majestic potala palace!