Talking about the hot hiking routes in China, Tibet accounts for a lot. Among them, there are motuo hiking routes in nyingchi area where leechives are gathering, kulagang hiking routes known as “little gama gully” in the south of Tibet mountain, and gama gully hiking on the east slope of Mount Qomolangma, which is the heart of our hiking enthusiasts.

These three routes are the leaders of many hiking routes in Tibet, and they have a reputation that all travelers cannot ignore.

However, according to the current season and weather conditions, the rainy season in July and August in Tibetan areas undoubtedly brings difficulties and troubles to many people who want to go to Tibet on foot. Coupled with local policy changes in real time, conditions are becoming more restrictive. The desire to walk can only be delayed.

Watch the arrival of summer, the autumn must not be too far away, in the second half of the remaining, suitable for hiking opportunities began to sharply reduce, in order to let the hikers are a perfect hiking experience, strategy jun is strongly recommended that you refer to Everest dongpo honk the route of the groove of the trip, standing on high altitude feeling thin oxygen, looked at mount Everest dongpo beautiful natural landscape, crisp fall to experience in September and October, is really good!

Mount Qomolangma region between numerous snow mountains, a snow mountain river erosion formed valley, here is the world’s most beautiful canyon known as the gama gully. Few people in the valley, the development of the best preserved Everest region, the largest area of virgin forest. Forest in the ancient wood sensen, deep – rooted, full of vitality.

Located in the south of qudang township of dingri county to the east of chentang town of dingjie county, the main body is in the south of qudang township. It is a valley formed by the erosion of snow mountain river. It is 55 kilometers long and has an altitude of more than 2,100 to 5,000 meters. Gama means star in Tibetan. Kama gully is famous for its steep gorges, lush forests, colorful azaleas and clear springs.

Walking along the gama gully ring road, you can see several 8,000-meter peaks rising around, including the “top of the world” mount Everest, from beginning to end, like a snow mountain feast. Gama gully hiking, the most attractive place is the view of mount Everest from the east.

The whole hiking trail in the natural reserve of qomolangma, the scenery is far from shocking, and there are many rare wildlife. But the changing climate, high altitude, few people to go to, extremely difficult, which is a lot of no experience of plateau trekkers! However, its charm lies in this, giving people a challenge to their own pleasure.

This is a top hiking route under the world’s highest peak. Walking into this mysterious area and facing 4 mountains above 8,000 meters and numerous surrounding snow mountains of 6,000-7,000 meters, it is bound to be extremely shocking. In the embrace of the snowy mountains, you can not only enjoy the unprecedented beauty, but also gain valuable travel experience.

Such a point of view of the east slope of mount Everest gama ditch route, you have a little heart?

Plan ahead to get your walking trip off to a good start during fall’s most colorful season