Fold many mountain copy path to ta gong, sky blue cloud low road savage.

It is indeed plateau grassland scenery, blue sky and white clouds set off in the green grassland, very beautiful.

But originally agreed with the driver is to go through the xindu bridge, and then to the ta gong, the driver proposed to go straight to the ta gong is a shortcut, they gave up the xindu bridge. Because a year ago an and hu zidian north Tibet area sit a shuttle bus to arrive chengdu via town, rice city, have through xindu bridge, glanced one eye, accordingly, do not go to xindu bridge, pour worth a mention.

Later, according to the heat of the proposal to spend the night in bamei, so the next day to danba is about 13 noon, calculate up, two days charter car actually only more than 20 hours, the play time was compressed a lot.

Ta gong temple is a famous temple of sakya sect (flower religion) in Tibetan area. It occupies a high position in Tibetan Buddhism, and the temple building is spectacular. It was built in the middle of the 7th century.

It is said that princess wencheng was passing through this place when she went to Tibet. The Buddha statue of sakyamuni, whom she carried with her, suddenly opened his mouth and indicated that he would like to stay here. They immediately on the spot in accordance with the original Buddha copy left. Since then, ta gong has been known as the “small jokhang temple” ta gong temple.

Ta gong temple gate on the left side of the road there is a worship of the white pagoda hill, hill is ta gong grassland, wood yajin pagoda is located in the ta gong grassland.

The white pagoda, the symbol of the pagoda

At about 15 o ‘clock, it came to tagong from the north, and generally entered tagong from the south via xindu bridge.

Three and a half hundred meters away, he said, you get off here and go up the hill. You don’t need to buy tickets.

He first went to the town of ta gong, we followed his guide path up the mountain, the mountain is the landmark of ta gong – the white tower.

There’s a fence, but there’s no one at the little door.

We spent about 30 minutes on the mountain, then walked to the magnificent wooden pagoda in the depth of the grassland.

After a while, there were two women in Tibetan robes running to us from a distance beside the urn. They wanted to take a picture of themselves. Then they saw that they were very experienced and had long sleeves to hide their faces.

Arrive front just know is a fee, then gave them money, specific amount don’t remember clearly, seem to be 10 yuan each.

Wait for them to collect money to go back, borrow a back photograph.

Muyajin pagoda, is one of the six buddhist temples of ningma school (red religion), zhuqing temple, dengji zhaxi living Buddha in memory of the 10th panchen master here to preach, and the top of the buddhist pagoda.

Shwedagon pagoda is located in the center surrounded by eight sacred mountains, including yala sacred mountain, xia ancient Holly mountain, manjusri mountain and guanyin mountain.

Built in 1997, it used more than 100 kilograms of gold when it was built.

With an altitude of 3,700 meters, tagong is a township in kangding county, ganzi prefecture, 110 kilometers away from kangding and less than 40 kilometers away from xindu bridge.

Ta gong township, there are ta gong grassland, ta gong temple, wood ya jin pagoda, sacred mountain and other scenic spots. Tagong grassland is the most famous grassland in ganzi prefecture. Rivers, grasslands, forests, mountains, temples, houses and Tibetan customs constitute the tagong scenic spot.

Tabong township terrain is a half-moon shape, is a very auspicious terrain. There are five sacred mountains, which together with ta gong temple form a complete ashram. Surrounding the temple are the four sacred mountains of manjusri, guanyin, vajra hand and green tara. The word “tagong” means “Buddha and bodhisattva are happy and joyful” in Tibetan.

Wild flowers on the grassland

Hilltop stroll finish, descend hill along highway toward tower gong town to walk slowly.

Tagong, you can see many lamas everywhere.

Beside the highway is the outer wall of the ta gong temple, around the temple there are hundreds of.

Although not wearing Tibetan clothes, but you can see it is a Tibetan girl.

In the distance of the beautiful tagong grassland, there is a magnificent snow-capped mountain which is covered with snow all the year round and stretches for several miles. This is the famous yala sacred mountain, which is also the big protection of tagong temple.

27 km away from tagong 215 provincial highway, yala snow mountain is shaped like a lotus throne.

Standing in the north of taigong looking at the holy yala snow mountain, behind the snow mountain is our next stop target – danba county, but yala snow mountain is located in dofu county.

Yala snow mountain, the Tibetan language known as “xia xueya laga bo”, meaning the eastern white yak mountain, one of the sacred mountains in Tibetan areas.

It is recorded in the famous Tibetan epic biography of king gesar that yala snow mountain is one of the four sacred mountains in Tibetan area. Tibetan ancient book “sacred mountain records easy into the path of liberation” records, yala snow mountain for the “second shambhala”. The so-called shambhala is the place where the immortals live. It is the ideal state in the minds of tibetans.

Yala sacred mountain, rising from the north of tagong grassland, is in the shape of lotus throne surrounded by petals. It is lofty and spectacular, with silver clothes and clouds wreathed all year round. It sets off the vast green grassland and the golden and magnificent tagong temple, showing a magnificent plateau scenery.

Lama rides motorcycle, but also treasure looks solemn!

Tibetan houses in tagong town

Unexpectedly, the humble street corner also has the worship Buddha.

The tall red wall is the outer wall of ta gong temple.

At the fork in the middle of town, he bought a local yogurt and ate it while admiring it.

Meet hot branch to drive to pick up, three people on the car to eight United States.

Originally planned to stay for one night, but was unable to resist the lure of the chartered bus driver, or decided to drive to bamei overnight.

I only stayed in tagong for more than an hour and felt the extremely strong kangba Tibetan customs.

Now the goal is to spend the night in the town of bamei in dafu prefecture, nearly 40 kilometers away.