Sichuan-tibet highway

It’s a beautiful route

It’s a visual and gustatory experience

A road trip down this road

It was like walking into a paradise on earth

One roadside eat while playing

What could be better

Let’s eat from chengdu to Lhasa


Get up early in the morning to eat a bowl of fat bowel powder, add knot and pot helmet. Then buy a roasted rabbit two rabbit head on the road to chew, all the way to the west, chengdu departure first stop ya ‘an rain city.


An elegant and peaceful city, located in the western edge of sichuan basin and the foothills of qionglai shandong, bordering chengdu in the east, ganzi in the west, liangshan in the south and aba in the north, only 115km away from chengdu. Known as “western sichuan throat”, “Tibet gateway”, “ethnic corridor”.

Niubeishan, bifeng gorge, shenmu base are beautiful. On the side of mount mengshan, there is not only pointed tea, but also chicken stewed with yam, Fried with bamboo shoots, harrow dishes, spicy chicken, old bacon. Each has its own flavor! Step on.


Located in the western foot of Erlang mountain in western sichuan province and the southeast of ganzi Tibetan autonomous prefecture, it is bounded between qionglai mountain range and the snow mountain range. Dadu river runs through luding county from north to south. Gongga mountain, hailuogou, Erlang mountain let you experience the beauty of modern glaciers.

Shimian county is a paradise for barbecuing, and yaogen (houttuynia), a local specialty, is also known as the dark cuisine, a taste only those who love it can understand.


Kangding, a world-famous historical and cultural city; A horse mountain, famous five continents; A song “kangding love song” eternal, drunk people all over the world. Kangding city has a long and splendid history and culture, is the sichuan throat, tea horse ancient road important town, Tibetan and han intersection center.

Kangding liang flour is made from local white peas, with good toughness. It is also famous for its yellow liang flour, with even thickness and bright luster. It is worth a try. A bowl down, spicy delicious, suddenly no fatigue, continue to go.

Batang and litang

In these two places, you can not only feel the unique cultural environment, but also see the intact original natural scenery. During the day in litang county, you can see the beautiful zhaga sacred mountain and the boundless maodya grassland. If you encounter the Tibetan calendar in June, you can also see the grand jockey club. In the evening to batang to see hot pit hot spring, feel the warmth of the cold night.

Litang specialty cordyceps sinensis, quality did not have to say, cost-effective, might as well buy back filial piety elders. Batang solidarity steamed stuffed bun a steamed stuffed bun is a cage, stuffing for potato chips, beef, green pepper, gluten strength, delicious taste.

Baju, bomi

Badu has a collection of glaciers, lakes, grasslands and virgin forests as one of the lake, the mysterious DORA shenshan, xiaxu rock paintings and the famous tongka temple in eastern Tibet and other scenic spots gathered in badu territory.

A pear with a sweet hangover. Bomi fish is a unique bomi, the absolute Tibetan food first card, whether steamed or braised in soy sauce, are full of delicious, tender meat.


Nyingchi city is a prefectural city in the Tibet autonomous region. It was called gongbu in ancient times. Nyingchi is a transliteration of the Tibetan nishi or niangchi.

Tibetan fragrant pig is a traditional ethnic food of the Tibetan people, each festival is the leading role. In particular, pork skin, taste Q – crisp and tender.


Lhasa, the capital of Tibet autonomous region of China, is an international tourist city with plateau and ethnic characteristics. The political, economic, cultural and religious center of Tibet is also the holy land of Tibetan Buddhism. The potala palace and bajiao street are all famous tourist attractions.

Lhasa has long enjoyed a reputation for buttered tea and barley liquor

On a road trip along the sichuan-tibetan line

All the way from chengdu to Lhasa

Accompanied by beautiful scenery and delicious food

Tired but satisfied

The double experience of sight and taste