If you want to start your first snow-capped mountain climb, you need a snow-capped mountain that is easy and safe, at a moderate altitude, with beautiful scenery and stable weather.

Every year from October to November, Four Girls Mountain’s big peaks and second peaks meet all the requirements of the entry snow Mountain.

When planning your first snow-capped Mountain climb, make the Four Girls Mountain peak or two your number one priority. These two peaks have the characteristics of low difficulty, beautiful scenery, short period and abundant guide resources. They are also the first choice for most mountaineers today.

The first snow mountain, why go to si girl?

Among the Four peaks of Four Girls Mountain, the large peak at 5,035 meters above sea level and the second peak at 5,276 meters above sea level are suitable for the first snow Mountain. They have the following characteristics:

Scenery shock: the whole can watch changping ditch, haizi ditch and yaomei peak beauty;

Easy entry: low difficulty, close to the city, short climbing time, rich guide resources.

Guide guarantee: the guide provided by the organizer has rich experience in mountaineering and guarantee.

The first time you climb the snow Mountain, you must be full of expectations for the beauty of high altitude, Four Girls Mountain, two peaks on the way, the scenery will not let you down, along the way can look back at the haizi ditch and changping ditch, and yaomei peak beauty.

The first time you try to climb a snowy mountain, you don’t want to be beaten to death. Four Girls Mountain is easy to climb, easy to reach, and short to climb. Big, two peaks rush to the top of the ridge section for anti – skid drop, also built a fence to assist walking

Four Girls Mountain is short and you don’t have time to climb it. Four Girls Mountain area has good proximity. Rilong town is only 200 kilometers away from chengdu, which can be reached in 3-4 hours by bus.

You need a guide to assist you in your first climb of a snowy mountain. We have experienced guides to provide you with complete protection.

Four Girls Mountain’s peaks are stunning, difficult to get into, and it’s still the right season. Why not go for your first snow Mountain?