There are always some dreams, and the fragrance is surging in my heart.

I am going to Tibet,

The snow lotus on the plateau,

Passing through the time, it is in my dreams.

The river of life is slowly flowing, but the dream is getting clearer.

Like a cry of voice, through the thousands of mountains and thousands of mountains, came to me.

I am going to Tibet,

The Potala Palace, the paradise of countless pilgrims,

Lived a young living Buddha Cangyang Gyatso,

The 24-year-old life is short and lonely.

For love, he ruined himself.

After many years, his first love poem echoed in the blue sky of Tibet.

Buddha’s light, the devout, sinister pilgrim,

Have you realized the true meaning of life and the purity of love?

I am going to Tibet,

When I think about it, there is a fare of Qingyuan.

At the end of the years, it’s melodious,

My slightest thoughts,

The ripples are like my soul is close to the cloud wing.

I am going to Tibet,

Running all the way,

At the top of the snow, climb the white snow lotus,

Keep all your enthusiasm filled with gentleness,

Write down a person’s name.

I am going to Tibet,

Flowers bloom, clouds and clouds,

All the way to the scenery, tranquility and vastness,

Let me listen, the breath of the land above the sky.