Travel is about living your true self

To see the most beautiful scenery

In order to live every day so wonderful


Holy land on earth


Holy place


Full of faith

The potala palace

It is the pearl on the roof of the world

It’s the highest palace in the world

It is the holy land of Tibetan Buddhism

Architecture belongs to the soul of art

Jokhang temple

It’s the heart of Lhasa

Tibetan Buddhism is the largest annual ritual activities

Okada rinpoche’s

It is the holy land of many civilizations and religions

It’s a must-go place

It’s like a pyramid.

It stands on the plateau of ali

Mount Everest

It is the main peak of the Himalayas

It is the world’s highest peak attracting worldwide attention

Top of the world

It is also the yearning place of countless mountaineers

Namtso measures

It’s one of the three sacred lakes

It is also a famous site of Tibetan Buddhism

Clear as a mirror, the blue sky and clouds, snow mountains in the distance

All copied down, pasted on the horizontal surface, water and sky are the same color

Yungbulakang palace

It was the first palace in Tibetan history

It is one of the earliest buildings in Tibet

It’s where tribal leaders live

Namya bawa

It is the highest mountain in the nyingchi region of China

It is the holy land of “yongzhong original religion”

Because of the huge triangular peak body all year round snow does not melt, all day cloud shrouded, never easy to show the real face

Therefore, it is called “shame female peak”.

Yangzhuoyong lake

It is one of the three holy lakes in Tibet

Here is a drop of tears dropped by heaven on earth

It’s a turquoise eardrop of the goddess

The water in the lake was a rich blue in the sunlight

Beautiful and charming as a dream

Yarlung zangbo river grand canyon

It’s the deepest canyon in the world

It is one of the most beautiful canyons in the world

The entire valley area is a magnificent collection of glaciers, cliffs, steep slopes, mudslides and towering rivers

Bassoons measures

It is the lowest lake in Tibet

It is the first and only national 5A scenic spot of natural scenery in Tibet

The lake is crystal clear and reflected by the snow-capped mountains that surround it

Tashi island prayer flags flying, exquisite cuozong gongba temple, has a history of 1,500 years

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