You don’t know how big China is until you get to xinjiang. Not to ili, you don’t know how beautiful xinjiang is;

You don’t know how beautiful xinjiang is without seeing it in summer.

And the next few places to say, is the summer to xinjiang can not miss the five places, after this period of time, can not enjoy these god-given beauty.

Bayanbulak is the setting for the 2019 movie fast track starring shen teng. The winding and steep mountain road in the movie is breathtaking.

But it’s just part of Bayanbulak. In summer, the grassland is rich with water and grass, full of rivers and lakes, while the grassland is surrounded by mountains, rolling hills and vast meadows. The scenery is so beautiful that surrounded by snow-capped mountains, it is the second largest grassland in China.

“Bayanbulak” is a Mongolian word meaning “abundant spring water”. Grassland flat terrain, abundant water grass, is one of the most important animal husbandry bases in xinjiang. Here is not only surrounded by snow-capped mountains under the xanadu, but also has the magnificent kaidu river “nine curved 18 curved sunset.”

In Bayanbulak, these seemingly opposite words are extremely harmonious. Like a landscape painting, the perfect combination of two different styles, forming its unique school of painting, it is impossible not to indulge.

Known as “the provence of China”, Huocheng is “one of the three largest lavender growing bases in the world”. (the other two are provence, France, and furano, Hokkaido, Japan.)

In the season of lavender blossom, the large blue and purple flowers on the vast fields sway in the wind like waves, but what comes from the wind is not the saltiness of the sea, but the refreshing fragrance of flowers, when you are in the meantime, it is like floating in the dream sea of lavender.

Sayram Lake is the highest and largest alpine Lake in xinjiang. It is the last place where the warm and wet Atlantic air flows.

There are so many places in the world, but nature only selected selimu, airflow through the long way, across the continent, over countless mountains and dangers. Had a lot of water vapor, after sun burning sun, GangFeng blows, already was running short. But he gave all that he had left to the lake, to be with it, to be with it. It was like love.

Every summer, Sayram Lake is set like a bright sapphire in the basin between the tianshan mountains. On the vast grassland beside the lake, the herbages are covered with grass, yellow flowers, cattle and sheep are covered with clouds, idyllic songs and yurts. It is like walking into a picture scroll of the ancient silk road full of poetic and painting meaning, which makes people feel the romantic feelings of returning to nature and the unique national culture outside the Great Wall.

Tianchi, the ancient name of Tianchi, in ancient Chinese mythology, is the place where the queen mother of the western heaven bathed.

Tianchi southeast is the majestic bogda main peak (Mongolian language “bogda”, meaning lingshan, holy mountain), the main peak around and there are two peaks connected. Looking up, three peaks and up, suddenly inserted clouds, like a pen frame. Even guo moruo once wrote a good chapter of “a pool of thick ink sinks the bottom of an inkstone and ten thousand trees grow and erect the end of a pen” by the lake.

From late may to mid-september, it is the golden season of kalakan grassland. “Khaljun” is the kazakh language, meaning “the wilderness on the ridge”. It is the most representative grassland in ili grassland.

It subverts the monotonous color and single aesthetic “fatigue sense” brought by ordinary grassland, and defines a new grassland landscape, integrating different space-time and colors, presenting a “three-dimensional grassland” landscape that is easy to watch.

Along the mountain road and up, tianshan mountainside grassland, stretching endless, the distance tianshan snow-capped mountains. This season, in the kara jun grassland as into the sea of flowers, all kinds of wild flowers like stars open all over the mountains, cattle and sheep everywhere, galloping horses.

After seeing so many beautiful sceneries in xinjiang, it is not difficult to understand why xinjiang people seldom travel abroad, because xinjiang’s sceneries are not inferior to any world-class sceneries at all.

I want to tell you that beautiful xinjiang is not far away. In the middle of the most beautiful summer, the tourist invites you to sit by Sayram Lake, sit quietly, watch the yellow flowers all over the mountains and countryside, and realize the tranquility far away from the hustle and bustle. You are invited to watch the swans brush the water in Bayanbulak, watch the cattle and sheep leisurely wander in the sunset, and enjoy the long-lost freedom.