People say that they want to go to Tibet once in a lifetime, and traveling to Tibet has become a dream of many people. In recent years, more and more people choose to travel to Tibet, but many people do not know about Tibet, which leads to a lot of misunderstandings.

A trip to Tibet is to Lhasa

The impression of a lot of people in tourism is to go to Lhasa in Tibet, know little about other places in Tibet, Tibet tourism resources are very abundant, each region has different natural scenery and human landscape, shannan, for example, both yungbulakang palace, samye history cultural attractions, and with 40 like yamzho yumco lakes, glaciers and other natural landscape. The qomolangma base camp in shigatse, tashilhunpo temple, and the mapanyong cuk, kailash rinpoche, zadatulin, shiquan river, banguong cuk in ali region. Bassong cuo in nyingchi, yarlung zangbo grand canyon, lulang, ranwu lake, etc. Large and small attractions, you can not walk a month.

Many of Tibet’s specialties are made in Tibet

This misunderstanding is saffron, because in its name with a “hidden”, that is made in Tibet, but it is not, also called on the west safflower, Tibet Tibet local plant before, but did not succeed, so local no saffron, saffron was first introduced from India to Tibet, from Tibet into China again, so called “saffron”, Tibet saffron part of selling is made in Shanghai chongming, part of Iran’s imported, but rarely imports, but some vendors would say he is the import of Iran.

Mistaken for the gesang flower

Gesang flower, also known as gesang meiduo, the Tibetan language is beautiful and happy flowers, placing people’s good wishes. A lot of people will Tibet of a kind of 8 petaled pink floret call gesang flower, in fact this kind of words call “zhang daqing flower”, according to legend is qing dynasty a surname is in Tibet minister brought, people in order to commemorate him this kind of words name “zhang daqing flower”, it is Persian chrysanthemum actually. And gesang flower, without special point to which kind, want the floret that grows in qinghai-tibet plateau only, can call gesang flower.

People who go to Tibet will be highly revolted

Many people want to go to Tibet tourism, but the elevation of plateau reaction, especially after the travels of a lot of people who have been to write, others the plateau reaction, think oneself will plateau reaction, also set out in the mind have been frightened, in fact, the plateau response varies from person to person, not everyone will happen, plateau reaction, different people will have different levels of performance, some very mild, some seriously. Generally, as long as you are healthy and have no diseases, you can go to Tibet. You can first go to low-altitude places, such as nyingchi. You can do trains or cars to slowly increase the altitude and give your body a cushion to adapt to the process.

Poor security in Tibet

This should be the impression in the heart of a lot of people, say Tibet is messier, public security is bad, a person dare not go, especially schoolgirl. Actually this kind of impression or stay in many years ago, now in Tibet, should be regarded as the best place in the public security, each hole has a checkpoint in and out of the county, brush id card registration, in and out of Lhasa city, check id, Lhasa each intersection has police kiosks, so, someone once quipped “auto theft thing will not happen in Lhasa”.

Therefore, like Tibet tourism, first understand it, do not follow the words of others, only you really understand it, you can say the real love. So, what do you know about Tibet?