For many people who have never been to Tibet, watching a movie to know about Tibet is like a tooth sacrifice to the soul, and it satisfies them quickly.

Even though I have never set foot on Tibet and never walked the long road of more than 2,000 kilometers, I still have a deep attachment to the beauty and mystery of Tibet.

The potala palace

The film of tea horse ancient road is in potala palace.

“Eight petals of gesang flower” falls back to the embrace of the motherland, behind the background is the potala palace.

Lhasa is the main shooting place for potala palace.

As the cultural symbol and appearance level of the snowy plateau, the potala palace has towering red and white walls. Even if you cannot remember the plot of the movie, you must remember the beauty of the potala palace.

Jokhang temple

The transiting lens of “red river valley” and the dazzling golden roof of jokhang temple were completed in jokhang temple.

The scene of the pilgrimage in Tibet, jokhang temple.

In Tibet, it is said that the jokhang temple preceded the Lhasa city.

The status of jokhang temple can be seen from the film when people come thousands of miles to pay their respects.

It is hard to imagine how much of Lhasa’s films would have been eclipsed without the golden roof, butter lamp, white tower and sun-drenched scenes in front of the jokhang temple.


“Tibet storm” has three times appeared in tashilhunpo temple scene.

“Past events in Lhasa” has many locations in xigaze on the outskirts of the pala manor shooting.

“The place closest to the sun” is shot on mount Everest.

Red river valley was shot in gyantse, xigaze.

Shigatse, with its beautiful scenery and lofty sacred mountains, has always been the favorite movie location.

“Red river valley” in the ganzi castle, decadent, desolate and primitive style, patriotism rendered warm and tragic.

The beauty and challenge of mt. Everest has always attracted people to challenge, and there are as many wonderful subjects as there are climbers.


Shannan is one of the cradles of ancient Tibetan civilization.

1. The first palace is in the south of the mountain. It is called “yongblakang”.

2. The first buddhist temple — changzhu temple.

Princess wencheng once practiced here, the pearl thangka of changzhu temple, it is said that princess wencheng used 300,000 pearls and countless gems to string himself.

3, the first farmland – suodang.

Shannan is the cradle of ancient Tibetan civilization.

The location of the movie closest to the sun is in beautiful yamdrok.

And it’s not just these places, it’s not just these movies.

Tibet is always a dream that you are waiting to start or still want to start.