“Zang” is a Chinese appellation, calling itself “fan” (” boba “in Tibetan pronunciation). Tibetan living for people in different regions have different appellation: live in the area of Tibet ali self-proclaimed “heap”, one district of the self-proclaimed “hide”, the former Tibetan region of self-proclaimed “who”, southwest live in eastern Tibet, qinghai and sichuan people in the west of the self-proclaimed “kangba”, live in the north and northwest sichuan, gannan, qinghai Tibet people call themselves “amdo wow”. “Ba” and “wow” mean “people” in Tibetan.

In Tibet, faith is an infinite power, regardless of status. When facing the Tibetan people, they can only put their hands together and say “tashi dele”.

The worshipers, dressed in Tibetan clothes made of yak skin, crawled along the road of worship, clutching the wooden boards. They were ragged in clothes and soaked in the sun and rain. When they were tired, they would stop to cook and eat together.

It is said that a believer must worship at least 100,000 times in his whole life, and 100,000 times is a reincarnation.

When I first entered Tibet, I turned from national highway 214 to national highway 318. I often met worshippers along the road and stopped the car to chat with them. Most of them came to Tibet from ganzi area of sichuan province and spent one to three years grovelling and kowtow again and again just to reach Lhasa and pay a visit to the 12-year-old statue of sakyamuni worshiped in jokhang temple.

Inside jokhang temple, there is a pillar containing the teeth of worshippers who died on the way to worship. Due to the long journey and hardships, many believers died of fatigue or illness on the way to worship, before dying they would knock their teeth, and then by their relatives with one of their teeth came to jokhang temple, embedded them in the tooth column, in order to complete their wishes.

For a pilgrim, pilgrimage is not about the weather, or even life or death. Strictly speaking, the pilgrim has only the Buddha in mind.

Indeed, if you have ever been in Tibet, especially in winter, the farmers and herdsmen in Tibetan areas all over the world will come all the way to Lhasa after the autumn harvest. Every winter in Lhasa, there are more pilgrims than there are tourists in summer, and they crowd the barkhor street and the potala palace.

In fact, to choose the right direction, should show the pilgrim’s courage. Even simple things, stick to it is not simple, simple simple become Buddha, we do not have to become Buddha, just do their own masters of life.