Sichuan, ganzi prefecture, daocheng county,

Xu is the place that carries the most accolades in the world.

It is described as the “last pure land of the blue planet”.

They call it the soul of shangri-la.

I’ve been to a lot of places where you can’t go and see the beauty.

But willing to go far.

The most beautiful place, or daocheng.

Shan Yang maiyong manjusri bodhisattva

Central yong,

The incarnation of manjusri.

The mountain shape is slim and graceful, like a girl’s figure.

People always ask,

What is the most unique mountain peak in the world?

Don’t even ask.

Of course it is — Yang maiyong.

World snow mountain, mostly is the straight line, the broken line constitute the contour.

Only the central heroic body is a curve.

Smooth lines converge at sharp angles to the sky.

Hale and hearty temperament in also can give a few minutes gentle and gentle and graceful.

Shan xian nairi quan Yin bodhisattva

Fairy is a day,


Face wrinkles, like an old man’s face.

Sano doji vajra bodhisattva


The vajra bodhisattva.

Straight and strong lines, like a juvenile body.

The mountains of Aden are world-famous.

Aden’s water is no worse.

The three sacred mountains are revered by millions.

Also depends on three wang holy lake company.

Someone says:

“There are two kinds of scenery in the world, one is Tibet, the other is the sea.

This means that the landscape of Tibet is so rich that it includes everything except the sea.

But others said:

“Daocheng yading has all the landscape types of Tibet except zada tulin.”

The words are exaggerated.

But forests, meadows, temples, villages…

Daocheng is more than just mountains and water.

God is partial.

Yang maiyong is the world’s most beautiful snow mountain, said Locke.

The most beautiful mountains in sichuan.

People say that “the return of jiuzhai do not look at the water.”

Water looks best in sichuan.

The centuries-old temples are still only a piece of land, but in 13 years, practitioners spontaneously built a ten thousand buddhist kingdom.

The most odd appearance of humanity is also in sichuan.

Oh, god is so partial.