Legend in the depths of the qinghai-tibet plateau, there is a secret place.

It is a kingdom surrounded by double snow mountains, glaciers, canyons, forests, meadows, lakes, gold mines, and pure air.

This kingdom is the kingdom of shambhala, the last pure land on our watery blue planet.

If there really is a “shambhala kingdom” in the real world, the Scenic Spot of Daocheng Yading must be the one very similar to the legend.

Daocheng is located on the western sichuan plateau, with snowy mountains and glaciers, meadows and forests, streams and lakes, and all the elements of a snowy plateau.

“Three sacred mountains” xian nai day, central maiyong, xia nuodoji, your feet and stand, holy towering.

Crystal clear milk sea, sea of five colors, and more than a thousand other alpine lakes scattered among the jagged rocks, blue as jade, the scenery is very spectacular.

Still have warm and gorgeous red meadow, green poplar forest, each is “the world is rare a few times see” scenery.

A lot of people know zealand-based Scenic Spot of Daocheng Yading perhaps because from your passing around the world, or the horse Di proud “cold” in the sentence “the proud cold we get married, in Daocheng melting ice in the morning”.

In 1928, however, American explorer Joseph Locke discovered his way to Aden and published his photographs in national geographic magazine, causing a sensation.

James Hilton, a bestselling British author, was later inspired by Locke’s yunnan adventure stories and photographs to write his novel lost horizon, which depicts a beautiful natural ideal world deep in the qinghai-tibet plateau.

This time, Scenic Spot of Daocheng Yading is so famous in the west and even the world that many westerners view it as a realistic shangri-la.

In addition to daocheng, yunnan, Nepal and Pakistan are also known as shangri-la/shambhala, which may just be a utopian fantasy in the novel lost horizon.

Although we can’t say that daocheng is the legendary shangri-la/shambhala, no one can deny that daocheng is a fairyland that people pursue relentlessly and cherish forever…

Meet the sacred snow mountains, deep gorges, fairy-tale colors, surrounded by forests and quiet haizi, wander in the vast Tibetan grassland herds of cattle and sheep, the clear sky as clear as a mirror, the resplonent temples, the mysterious Tibetan Buddhism…

Scenic Spot of Daocheng Yading is definitely Scenic Spot of Daocheng Yading.

“Three masters”

Xian nai day, xia nuodoji, central maiyong

For those who are keen on snow mountains, it is a lifelong regret not to reach Aden.

Xiannairi means “avalokitesvara bodhisattva”, which is the nearest to the entrance of yading scenic area. The peak is covered with snow all the year round and shines golden in the sun.

Xianuoduji, which means “vajra hand bodhisattva”, is the east peak of “sanghu master” snow mountain. Its shape is the closest to the pyramid, and it is the most masculine of the three sacred mountains.

Yangmai yong, which means “manjusri bodhisattva”, is the head of the snow mountain in “three masters”. Looking back from the peak peak, the forest, grassland and stream between the wide canyon each side, momentum.

Locke once wrote that yonmyong was the most beautiful snow mountain he had ever seen.

“Three haizi”

Pearl sea, sea of five colors, milk sea

Only the snowy mountains of Aden must not be perfect, so god gave Aden three stunning sea.

The pearl sea is an ideal place to photograph the sunsets and reflections of the celestial sun. The sea of pearls in the dense forest rippled with sparkling waves, revealing infinite clarity.

The sea of five colors gets its name from the refraction of light, which produces five different colors. It is located between sennaga and central maiyong. Ice valley under the lake, the reflection of the snow mountain lake, a fantastic color. It is said to be able to “relive history and predict the future”.

Located in the col at the foot of yangmaiyong, the milk sea is an ancient glacial lake with a small area like water droplets. Surrounded by snow mountains, the lake is clear blue, the lake is a circle of milky white surrounded, so called milk sea.

The waters of the milk sea vary in depth and are slightly black near the shore due to the precipitation of long standing plants at the bottom of the lake.

“Twin meadows”

Chong ancient meadow, luo velvet cattle farm

Chonggu meadow is a natural bonsai composed of grassland, forest, stream and mani pile. Standing here, you can see the elegant demeanor of xiannaishi and xanordoji. Is to chong ancient temple, xian nai at the foot of the day and to the holy water gate, luo velvet cattle station must pass.

Long distance travelers can choose to camp in the lowdown cattle farm, where snow-capped peaks, forests, meadows, streams, lakes, waterfalls and ranch houses complement each other. It was also the setting of from all over your world.

“One ancient temple”

Blunt temple

Chonggu temple is located at the foot of xiannai-ri snow peak, which means to fill the lake to build a temple. It is the only way to the “sanghu god mountain”, and also the starting point of the local Tibetan people’s mountain-turning ceremony.

The lamas burn incense and chant sutras every morning and afternoon, when the chanting and the soya sauce echo in the silent valley, making it more sacred and mysterious.