At present into Tibet peak season, received a lot of travel problems, today small series focus on the message about Everest for everyone.

In march this year, you may know about the closure of Everest, many tourists may understand the closure of Everest, is not allowed to mount Everest?

There’s been a lot of news on the Internet saying “Everest is closed for good.”

“There is no concept of ‘indefinite closure’ on mount Everest,” ji ou, director of the dingri county management branch of mount Everest national nature reserve, told China radio.

Here first to everyone popular science “Everest base camp”.

Every year from April to October, the nearest township to Mount Qomolangma — zhaxizong township of dingri county, people will set up a black tent at the foot of Mount Qomolangma to set up a tourist base camp and provide accommodation services for tourists.

There is a 5,200-meter elevation monument near the base camp, which is the closest place for ordinary tourists to see mount Everest.

From 2019, the base camp will be moved back to the rongbu temple area, said ge sang, deputy director of the Everest reserve administration.

“Because the area above rongbu temple is the core area of qomolangma reserve.” Gesang said, according to the “regulations of the People’s Republic of China on nature reserves”, nature reserves are divided into core areas, buffer zones and experimental areas. The regulations state that the core zone is “off-limits to all units and individuals; Nor shall they be allowed to engage in scientific research activities unless approved in accordance with article 27 of these regulations.

Qomolangma reserve function area readjusted, in the rongbu temple area can still enter the tour. The new base camp area also offers a clear view of the mountains and peaks, without compromising views of Everest.

For example, we can see mt. Everest from the 88th floor, but now we can only see it from the 66th floor.

So it’s not Everest closed! Base camp’s closed! Only Everest base camp retreat to rongbu temple, can still enjoy Everest oh.

Route: self-drive vehicle stop – rongbu temple, 20 km one-way, 40 km round trip.

Ticket price: 120 yuan/person (including round-trip price)

At present, vehicles cannot drive directly to the base camp, but can only park at 79km and travel to the base camp 20km away by sightseeing bus. Of course you can choose to walk up

At present, the admission fee to mount Everest is 400 yuan per vehicle (including the driver’s ticket fee + 100 yuan per wheel), 160 yuan for admission, and 120 yuan for sightseeing bus.