It is a pure land of the world

It is ethereal and gorgeous, holy and beautiful

Sacred temples, green grasslands

Blue lakes, flowing rivers

It gives strength and gentleness

Here pristine, here stunning, here far from the world

This is the holy land of Tibetan Buddhism

This is shambhala on the plateau

This is a place where faith comes to life

Comparable to the pure land of brahma in Tibet

Utopia of faith is in the air

Far away from this earthly paradise, the dream of shambhala

National geographic photographer Joseph rock:

“I have never seen such a beautiful view in my life.”

This is gannan

The most charming place in China in summer

This summer, accompany me to gannan

Green hill drop cui, water into rhyme

The rippling tao river

A belt of lush forests

Will droni big valley around

Surrounded by the natural beauty that makes people linger

Fish and musk deer drink

Full of fun, natural nature

Like a giant fan lost to the world

The fans are thick and colorful

Describe countless strange mountains and waters

Labrang Lamasery is not so much a temple as a temple

Let’s say it’s one

A small Tibetan town isolated from the outside world

The road to Labrang Lamasery

Often will see the manner solemn, three steps a kowtow

A devout Tibetan or devotee who kowtows every five steps

Pure as if you could see it

The good souls that once crawled

Night falls, but also this land

Rendering of the extraordinary out of the world

Snow mountain, holy lake, blue sky, plain

Quiet village, endless sea of flowers

Zhagana is a Tibetan village hidden in the mountains

Row upon row of Tibetan plank wooden houses

The prayer flags fluttered in the wind

The mountains here are steep and beautiful

It was like a palace of stone on a grand scale

This arcadia was nearly a hundred years ago

Locke called it the birthplace of Adam and eve

It is still a virgin territory

And so it remains pure

Sangke grassland Tibetan “of long beach.”

Which means this is the place for the brave riders

Can indulge the horse gallop a thousand miles

Surrounded by mountains, lush water, sheep and cattle fat

In summer, the whole grassland is green

Flowers in full bloom, flowers like brocade, cattle and sheep all over the field

The blue sky, white clouds and green grass are one

Dozens of white tents dot the landscape

On the green grass, by the stream, by the bushes

Leisurely people drink butter tea and chat

Everything seemed so cozy and peaceful

Despite Langmu Temple’s growing fame

But the Langmu Temple is not a Temple

Is a quiet and unique town

The name of the town to the temple, the town also because of the temple

Have “Oriental little Switzerland” say

In the sunshine of the plateau

The shining golden roof of the temple

And the rest of the town

Make the town mysterious and full of life

The gahai lake is known as the “highland sacred lake”

On a plateau more than 3,400 meters above sea level

No words, no publicity

Like a pure fairy

Quietly nurtures life here

Pure and quiet, gentle and gorgeous

The gahai lake in summer

Wild flowers cover the vast grassland as far as the eye can see

The vast gathering of thousands of birds in the sacred lake

This is the true shambhala of the snowy plateau

Is gannan lu qu territory of the plateau mirror

The first bay of the nine-meander Yellow River

This man from bayan kala

Completely drunk in the gentle prairie

The flood of yellow water has fed hundreds of millions of Chinese children

The rushing river bore the load

The boundless hopes and aspirations of this ancient nation for the future

High overlooking, but see the two yellow and white river fighting

Graceful, leisurely and come, winding and go

Like hada, like jade belt, like long dragon, like flying ribbon

From the far end of the sky

Endless tenderness in the setting sun

When the morning bell of Labrang Lamasery and Langmu Temple

It sounded in the smoke

When the sun is warm

On the golden roof of the morning hall

When genuine smiles ripple on people’s faces

When the aroma of highland barley and ghee fills your hand

You must be in this summer

Fall in love with gannan…