They say yunnan is the best place to hold your hand and swim with you.

If a person comes, will often be in those soft and gentle scenery, how much feel some lonely. Fortunately, there is erhai lake.

Erhai lake is not a sea, but it is more beautiful than any other sea.

Slowly along the huanhai road to see the scenery, in the green tea this blue sky and white clouds in the season, hands touch, ears hear, wind breathing, sea singing.

In erhai lake, we can see the harmony between trees and water.

Sit on gazebo drink a cup with good friend, listen to the wind, reduce decompression to our life, enjoy the romantic taste that sunshine brings.

You may have seen the morning twilight of erhai lake, but have you seen the sunrise of erhai lake?

Quiet morning, the first wake up is cheerful birds, or croon, or whisper, or alone singing, different personality of the birds, with clear songs woven into a section of the land between the most beautiful symphony.

Bing xin once said: “the color of zhaoxia is from thick and light, from purple and deep red, and then a round of asahi, from the pine ridge hold up, everything on the earth from the dream wake up.”

When most people are still sleeping, the morning clouds on erhai lake are full of flavor, and the small fishing boats on the sea surface seem so poetic…

I love sunrise and sunset. My friend once cried because the sunset here is too beautiful. The afterglow of the evening perfectly combines erhai lake and cangshan mountain.

Such sunset, do not need to use too many words to describe, quietly enjoy it.

Cycling around erhai lake is a must do here. Although the whole journey down more than 120 kilometers, plus uphill, headwind, strong ultraviolet radiation. But along the beautiful scenery, blue sky and white clouds, cangshan embrace, breeze blowing, the kind of immersed in the comfort of the landscape, will definitely make you very happy.

Stop and go along the way, enjoy no worries, no scruples. B: well, make sure you have good sun protection.

Yuji island is a peninsula surrounded by erhai lake on three sides. The west of erhai lake is lined with cangshan mountains, and the east is surrounded by yuban mountains. The space environment is very beautiful.

Dancer Yang liping built two villas at the end of yuji island. The one at the south end is called “sun palace” and the one at the north end is “moon palace”.

A photo of Yang liping’s moon palace transformed into a housewife in erhai lake, Dali.

The Yang liping in the photograph is as usual, wearing a long skirt, a head of elegant hair, even if it is to mop the ground, cook dinner, decorate the firework such as home outfit daily, between every action sufficient sending out faery.

Erhai lake is just not enough to see, see its sunrise, sunset, sunny, cloudy… Each Angle has its lovely place, let time slowly stay in the beautiful erhai lake, regardless of the world, quietly enjoy its gentle…

I think if you come here one day, you will love it.

Old, looking for an island home, facing the sea, spring flowers. Lead a car have a house have you have guitar, have flowers have sea have wine to drink of small days.