Drepung monastery is one of the six major huangjiao temples. The original name is auspicious eternal ten square zoushengzhou, meaning “dui rice temple” or “ji rice temple” in Tibetan. The Tibetan word for “auspicious ten square zoushengzhou” is “ten square zoushengzhou”. It is located in the col of the south slope of the genpei wuzi mountain, about 10 kilometers west of Lhasa city. With more than 10,000 monks before liberation, it is the largest temple in Tibetan Buddhism.

Drepung monastery is a monastery of Chinese Tibetan Buddhism gelug sect. And gandan temple, sera temple collectively known as Lhasa three temples.

From the Drepung monastery on the west side of the steps up, into a gate after the left is a path, up a small platform in the mountains, overlooking the valley scenery.

Continue to go up, the distance on the left is painted on the mountain stone Buddha, behind the iron frame is shoton festival drying buddhist platform.

Every year, the Drepung monastery will hold a buddhist burning ceremony. A giant Buddha thangka will be displayed on the hillside, attracting large Numbers of believers and tourists to pray for blessings.

On the hillside west of the Drepung monastery, there is a huge buddhist tanning platform. The inlaid patterns on the platform are the conch, the treasure of the monastery of the Drepung monastery.

The annual “shoton festival” is held here, attracting a large number of tibetans and tourists to watch. On the huge stone under the buddhist altar, the painting should be the image of tsongkhapa.

During the shoton festival, famous troupes from all over Tibet came to norbulingka to perform and present various programs to the dalai lama. During the period of the 13th dalai lama, the shoton festival invited famous Tibetan troupes and song and dance troupes from all over Tibet to perform in norbulingka. Since then, the shoton festival has officially become a famous art festival in Tibet.

The Drepung monastery complex stands at various layers, and the various architectural units are interconnected and self-contained.

Walking among them, if wandering in the mountain city, there is a sense of winding path leading to you, and there is a sense of happiness, in the corner came across the monks dressed in red, smiling at each other, trance will have two world interlacing feelings, whether it is in the temple, or in the world of mortals, everyone’s life is a practice!

Drepung monastery is like a miniature castle, with steps, yonghe alley and mountain road extending in all directions.

Drepung monastery overlooking liuwu new district on the other side of the Lhasa river, watching the wind and clouds rising from the mountaintop in the distance, is truly breathtaking and inspiring.

The cuoqin monastery is the main structure of Drepung monastery. The cuoqin monastery covers an area of nearly 4,500 square meters. In front of the temple, there is a square paved with stone, covering an area of 200 square meters. The oratory of the main hall has a large scale, with 221 rooms, 183 columns and an area of about 1800 square meters.

The famous gantan Po chapter is on the right where there are very high steps. There is a small buddhist temple in front of the gate of gandan “Po zhang”, which translates as “palace” and contains the clothes of the fifth dalai lama.

Cuoqin hall after entering the tall and spacious, perhaps because of too many hanging objects, the light is not bright, all around the worship of large and small Buddha.

There was no one in the temple. It took me more time to wander around quietly. I did not know much about Tibetan Buddhism practice.

The main hall, small hall, has to climb up and down, some places even steep to need hands and feet to climb. Physical fitness is not good, it is a little difficult to visit.

The white pagoda in the temple and the white walls in many places were painted not with lime, but with a kind of old oil.

The peach blossom in the temple quietly blooming, to the white wall black frame to create a solemn atmosphere in a warm and fireworks.

Walking into the Drepung monastery, surrounded by the white walls, caught my eyes, as if walking into a pure world without a trace of dirt. Walk in this ancient temple, if outside all disturbance is cut off by this white place, the monk whispers, in the ear circle. Let you do not have the slightest dislike, but feel is a kind of enjoyment. That lane, as if there is a magic like, attract you to explore it, let the desire to place can not. Into this temple, as if into their own soul, everything, is so natural and comfortable. Stepping up these steps is like tapping one’s heart. Here, time has become very slow, slow people linger, do not give up.