Chengdu taoping qiang village zhuokeji official village malkang/jinchuan

Elevation variation: 500~2600 m

Scenic spots: yingxiu earthquake site, taoping qiang village, zhuokeji official village, jinchuan pear flower

Where to stay: markan/jinchuan

Travel time: about 420km, about 10 hours

Trip summary: 8:00 in the morning from chengdu hotel, by the dujiangyan along the minjiang river, along the car at zipingpu water conservancy project, yingxiu earthquake sites, and then by the hometown of dayu wenchuan, China Eastern castle peach QiangZhai, then bibeng hit lixian, into a beautiful slender spindle mill river canyon, arrived in the rgyalrong Tibetan ZhuoKeJi TuSiGuanZhai, then through aba capital barkam.

Then continue to move forward, gradually pear flower surprised roadside, mountain, river beach, the more close to jinchuan, pear more, this time is the time for the camera, along the way to enjoy the spectacular scenery jinchuan river valley pear, evening arrived in jinchuan. (if jinchuan accommodation is tight, we may check in malkang tonight and arrive at lihua in jinchuan the next morning)




Malkang/jinchuan jinchuan immortal bao lihua beauty valley Dan ba jia ju Tibetan village

Elevation variation: 2600 m ~1850 m

Scenic spots: jinchuan pear, beauty valley, jia ju Tibetan village

Where to stay: danbajia Tibetan village

Travel time: 120km, about 3 hours

Tour summary :(today is the sea of pear blossoms) after breakfast, we will arrive at the shenxianbao viewing platform and watch the spectacular shooting of pear blossoms in jinchuan river valley. Tibetan village, pear, jia rong Tibetan beauty each other.

No matter the river dam fertile soil or hillside, all over the mountain are planted pear trees, ten thousand acres of pear sea, bai rui, the whole jinchuan river valley like a vast sea of snow, baiyunfeng chung.

After the shooting in jinchuan, head for danba along the jinchuan river to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Tibetan villages on both sides of dadu river valley in the sea of flowers. This area is one of the origins of danba jiarong Tibetan culture.



Jiaju Tibetan village

Jia ju Tibetan village xindu bridge litang daocheng shangri-la town (Aden)

Elevation variation: 1860 ~ 4500 m

Scenic spots: jiaju Tibetan village, taigong grassland, xindu bridge, tianlu 18, maoya grassland, haizi mountain

Where to stay: shangri-la

Travel time: 570km, about 10 hours

Overview of the trip: get up early to shoot the first of China’s most beautiful rural ancient town — a morning view of the Tibetan village, Tibetan buildings in the peach and pear blossom. Timely leave jia ju Tibetan village, continue to go through the danba county.

Pass the natural bonsai bonsai yak valley scenic area to reach the eight beautiful stone forest, and then continue to the tower tower prairie. There is a pagoda temple on the grassland. The yara snow mountain beside the dagong temple. After passing the xindu bridge, it passes through the 18 turns of tianlu road, passes through the tunnel of the scissors mountain, passes over the kazila mountain, and arrives at the world high city litang with an altitude of 4,014 meters.

View the scenery of the maoya steppe, cross the legendary place where the tortoise and the hare race by the wuliang river — rabbit mountain, pass the haizi mountain nature reserve (4500 meters above sea level), which is the largest ancient glacier site on the qinghai-tibet plateau and the ancient ice cap of daocheng, and enjoy the charming scenery of the red earth valley and the xanadu Tibetan village along the way. After the daocheng zunsheng talin and then over today’s trip to the last mountain – bowa mountain (4513 meters above sea level), along the river valley arrived at the last shangri-la – riwa township (now called shangri-la town).




One day in Aden scenic spot (free arrangement)

Scenic spot introduction: yading village, milk sea sea, Yang maiyong and other three sacred mountains, rong cattle farm, yading stars.

Where to stay: shangri-la

Altitude: 2800 ~ 4700 meters

Lunch arrangement: bring your own food into the scenic area

Itinerary overview:

Sightseeing bus route Aden village, by storage battery arrived after flocking to zap (from your the world passing shot) began walking, along the way can close watch three mountain – fairy day (6032) bring, hands full (bring about 5958), central yong (5958) bring about, and then travel to the most beautiful trill Aden net sea and colored red to milk (bring about 4700).

Watch wild plants, alpine snow mountains, forests, glaciers, lakes and rivers, and experience the natural beauty of harmony between human and nature.




Shangri-la town daocheng litang mangkang

Scenic spots: daocheng scenery, azalea valley, haizi mountain, maoya grassland, sister lake, jinsha river bridge (steel bridge)

Where to stay: mangkang

Elevation variation: 2800 ~ 4700 m

Driving time: 490km, about 10 hours

Itinerary overview:

After breakfast, we will start from shangri-la town, pass bowa mountain, haizi mountain and tuer mountain, and arrive at litang, gaocheng of the world.

On both sides of the road are alpine pastures and haizi mountain (4,700 meters). After walking through the sister lake under the snow mountain, you will enter the gorge and reach the batang lake with an altitude of 2,600 meters.

Out of batang by bamboo barong into Tibet. A bridge (jinsha river steel bridge), a river (jinsha river), cross, you set foot on the holy land of Tibet.

After crossing haitong gully, the most difficult section of the sichuan-tibet line, which has been damaged by floods for 30 kilometers in the summer of 2018, the mountain pass will be crossed, and then you will arrive at mangkang county, which is 3,870 meters above sea level.

Special reminder: today’s journey is long and the road condition is good. Accompanied by beautiful scenery along the way, the 10-hour drive is also spent unconsciously. After entering Tibet, there will be checkpoints along the route (do not take photos). Please prepare your identity card for inspection. Haitonggou section because of road construction often traffic jam.




Mangkang dongda mountain nu river seventy-two turning baju

Elevation variation: 3875~3280 m

Scenic spots: core area of hengduan mountains, jueba mountain, dongda mountain, 72 turning of nujiang river, lancang river gorge and nujiang river gorge

Where to stay: ba ku

Travel time: 348km, about 8 hours

Itinerary overview: after breakfast from mangkang, today will be through the zone is the core of the hengduan mountains, but also the sichuan-tibet line the most difficult part of the journey.

After the pass of mount lawu (4,376 meters), the national highway 318 and the lancang river gorge can be seen as two bright ribbons in the distance from the snow-covered mountain pass. After the pass of the mountain pass, the mountain pass passes through the mountains and valleys.

At the mountain pass in bonda (4,658 meters above sea level), there have been 72 bends in the famous nu river, or 99 bends as it is often called.

You can see the beautiful plateau terraces of the original villages such as tongni village and gama village at the foot of the mountain. After that, you can cross the nujiang river bridge, walk along the lengqu gorge and check in at night in bazu county. Today will be the day when you fully appreciate the steepness of the sichuan-tibet line.




Batu ran wu lake midui glacier bomi

Elevation variation: 3280~2725 m

Scenic spot introduction: anjura mountain, ran wu lake, midui glacier

Where to stay: bomi

Travel time: 228KM, about 6 hours

Itinerary overview: early pass through the anjura mountain to reach the lake ran wu, ran wu lake is a famous plateau glacier lake, come here will let people restless heart calm down, the lake as a mirror as calm without billows, blue as gems repose at the foot of the snow-capped mountains, here is the value of drones, SLR camera.

After leaving wuzhen, it enters the 318 line of national highway, which can be said to be the most beautiful section of the 318 road (none of which). Along the road, there are lush trees, gurgling water, snow-capped mountains, lakes, farmland and villages, all of which are extremely beautiful.

Visit midui glacier, which is formed by two world-class ice waterfalls. After the tour, we will head back to palung zangbo for about 80 kilometers and arrive at bomi, which is called “little Switzerland of Tibet”.

The D8


Bome peach blossom

Bomi peach blossom lu lang Lin hai Lin zhi

Elevation variation: 2800 ~ 4700 m

Scenic spots: bomi taohuagou, lunang linhai, sejira mountain, namjagbarwa peak.

Where to stay: downtown nyingchi

Travel time: 229km, about 5 hours

Itinerary overview :(today is the sea of peach blossoms) get up early and visit the peach blossom valley in bomi.

Shot the peach flowers in bomi, surrounded by towering snow mountains surrounded by small villages, large areas of peach flowers, rape flowers, highland barley dyed the fields red, yellow and green. Ditch inside is more than the town, and then go forward is yu xu township. Kada bridge — the town of many — yu xu — Lin qiong this line 40 km is full of peach blossoms.

After leaving, we passed the beautiful zhaxigang village on national highway 318, crossed the lunang forest sea, crossed the snow-covered and fog-shrouded mount sejira at an altitude of 4,700 meters. The mountain is famous for the rhododendron sea in spring and summer, and it is also one of the best places to see the namjagbarwa peak. Check in nyingchi at night.



Sonso village peach blossom

Nyingchi city sonso village peach blossom Brahmaputra river grand canyon nyingchi city

Elevation variation: 2800~3000 m

Scenic spots: suosong village peach blossom, yarlung zangbo river grand canyon, niyang river scenery.

Where to stay: downtown nyingchi

Travel time: 140km, about 3 hours

Itinerary overview :(today is a sea of peach blossoms) get up early from nyingchi to sonso village peach blossom valley tour, about 3 hours for everyone to take photos of peach blossom beauty. Snow mountain, Tibetan stockaded village, peach blossom, rape flower, highland barley dye the field red, yellow, green one, at this moment don’t waste your camera.

After that, we will go to the famous yarlung zangbo river grand canyon. Then return night check in nyingchi city.




Nyingchi gala village main venue linla expressway Lhasa

Elevation variation: 2800 ~ 5013 m

Scenic spot introduction: gala village peach blossom festival, niyanghe scenery, linla highway

Where to stay: Lhasa

Travel time: 420KM, about 5 hours

Schedule overview: sleep in the morning before getting up. Take a walk in the peach garden after breakfast.

If time permits, go to gala village of nyingchi, the main venue of the annual nyingchi peach blossom festival. On the hillside on both sides of the niyang river, peach trees and wheat fields add radiance to each other; Surrounded by mountains on three sides of the peach blossom nyingchi ditch, the stream from the top of the mountain pouring down, long stream full of wild peach trees.

After enjoying the peach blossom, continue to set out, experience the linla highway, the highest appearance level in history, appreciate the beautiful niyang river scenery along the way, cross the last snow mountain mira mountain (5013M above sea level) tunnel on the national highway sichuan-tibet line, then walk along the Lhasa river in the evening and arrive at the holy land Lhasa and check in the hotel we gave you. The perfect trip is over! Tashi dalay!