June is coming, so take a trip before the summer heat hits

If we are worried about the huge crowds in the popular scenic spots, then these rare scenic spots that are not often mentioned are suitable places to visit…


Malutang, a little-known and beautiful place! Every year from April to may, the mountains and fields here are full of alpine azalea, just like a natural beauty of the mountain flower sea, magnificent!

Along the cuckoo flowers scenic spot of the newly built sending out the smell of paint wooden road, wan хил going all the way, can occasionally left the road, through the continuous grass, walking in the boundless cuckoo tree.

Malutang is like a “virgin land” that still retains its original natural features. Be careful not to litter when you visit.

In addition to the wild azaleas dotted here and there, there are many rare wild animals and plants and edible fungi, as well as farmers’ horses and sheep here, a fascinating romantic picture of the mountains and countryside is in front of you.

Xinjiang tianshan safflower

When you walk in the vast ili river valley, inadvertently will see a distant red, that is a large area of wild tianshan safflower.

Red petals as thin as cicada wing, smooth like silk, light corolla like each piece of red clouds colorful silk, in the sun sway.

This kind of wild safflower with large area without any manual intervention is the most beautiful name card of yili valley in early summer.

Sheng hua season, tianshan red flowers bloom red, the formation of red flowers in the sea.


Danzhai is not a stockade or a traditional travel destination, but a multi-ethnic county dominated by miao people.

Most visitors to guizhou do not even put the remote county in the western southeast of the province on their travel lists.

Danzhai has retained its primitive, strong and unique ethnic customs. The miao, aquatic animals and other indigenous nationalities have created their own unique culture through thousands of years of changes and reproduction.

Danzhai county is dotted with seven national intangible cultural heritages, such as batik, ancient paper making, jinji dance, and lushan dance.

AnJi DaZhuHai

AnJi DaZhuHai, also known as China’s DaZhuHai, is famous for his scenes in ang lee’s crouching tiger, hidden dragon.

Walk in the bamboo forest path, the road on both sides is straight and green bamboo sea, enjoy the fresh mountain air, let a person relaxed and happy.

Standing on the top of the mountain to see the vast bamboo sea feel very great, especially when the wind is blowing, the eye of the bamboo sea is rippling blue waves.

Early summer time dive into the bamboo sea, cool wind through the bamboo leaves, the sun into the bamboo forest, if you are in the green dream, can enjoy the original nature and vitality.


Xianjugongyu, a little-known village surrounded by strange peaks, is regarded as the shangri-la of eastern China.

The real mountain green water show, spotless.

Surrounded by strange peaks, the village is surrounded by peaks in a small basin, but the rugged landscape is softened by local terraced fields.

The terraced fields in early summer are lush and ethereal.

The green river village

Here beautiful scenery, simple folk customs, four seasons scenery is different, is the ideal place to return to nature.

The green river village is known around The world for its rape flowers and lack of land and water.

Fishing net is a scene on the river, the blue sky and white clouds, the original ecology of green mountains is the characteristics of here.

The green river village is The border between China and The DPRK. It is not only magnificent in The north, but also beautiful and fresh in The south.

Dawei Mountain

Dawei Mountain is like a natural oxygen bar. It is a recreational place for people in changsha to enjoy flowers, drift and ski.

The park, with its lush trees and extremely fresh air, is a good place to wash your lungs.

The azalea sea full of mountains and fields and forests is a pleasant surprise.

Summer here rafting summer, can experience the wilderness camping.

Jianshui ancient city

The ancient city of jianshui, known as Lin ‘an, is a famous cultural city with a profound history, located in jianshui county, honghe prefecture.

All kinds of ancient buildings in the ancient city are exquisite and well preserved. It is a good experience to see the exquisite architectural techniques and take photos.

The temple of literature, zhujia garden and the study of politics and government are worth a look. They reflect the spirit of respecting Confucius and worshiping Confucianism in jianshui ancient city.

There is a natural intimacy here, walking the streets of jianshui, sitting on small benches with the locals, eating grilled tofu and experiencing the slow pace here.

Early summer in May is the tail of spring and the beginning of summer.

In this perfect season of spring and summer, there are not only beautiful scenery, but also beautiful holidays.

So, in early summer, back up the luggage, give yourself a go go early summer exploration trip!